IG disabled (personal)

Looking to get back my personal account. Need someone to make that call for me.
Contact me evancassani1995@gmail.com

Please sir. Search the forum before posting a request. We just had a similar request only few minutes ago.

Okay, this has very little similarity to my issue. I need someone to get an account unbanned for me. I have spent days filling out these forms from IG saying they will review them, but they wont do through to the Facebook / IG teams

Again if you use the search function there is no endning to the possibilities and options.

You could start with telling what options you have already tried. That will be a significant help.

If you truely need an easy way out here you go:

this is a great lead. thank you. can you confirm this has worked for you?

My pleasure. Happy to help. I haven’t used the service personally. I am not affiliated with the service either. But there is some great reviews to read on the thread.

Other than that as a new member i highly recomment you to buy ANY services which already has a sales thread on this forum. Don’t ever get tempted to sign for any services offered directly in your pm! We have had so many people being dissapointed doing that.
Next you will always check the reputation of people in here. Check their profiles for that.

The man behind this services is @HenryCooper
and Henry is from what I know very helpful and down to earth. And his status on this forum talks for it’s self.

Try avoid any kind of talk with @schoko :joy::wink:
Words on the street says he tends to make accounts dissapear.
JUST kidding. He is a good fella too. I am sure he is in for a talk too. Affiliated with the service.
It’s always free to ask any questions you seem to have. If you feel for it you can jump on the boat, if not you can try some of the other solutions given in various threads.


Micky, you have been a lot of help. I will be using this forum in the future and telling all my friends about this. I have many of them in the same senario I am in right now. I guess IG has been cracking down left and right.

Welcome to the family mate.
Your friends are most welcome. Enjoy your stay!