Instagram hacked, need help

Can someone access for me?
On the instagram login screen, press “need more help” and sometimes this form will pop up and most times the instagram help center pops up (which does not work for hacked accounts!)


I’m new to MP social not completely sure how this works, but I reallllllllly need someone’s help.

Me and several other people got hacked by the same fake bitcoin miner on instagram and it’s nearly impossible to get our accounts back because instagram does not take us seriously. I even tried the facebook method and nobody can help me :confused:

I’m asking for someone to fill out this form for me & 2 other people I know. Please don’t try to hack me (for the wrong reasons). I’m already going through enough right now, my instagram been hacked & I got scammed out of $1,500, I’m really going through it y’all.

Please as a new user to this forum do use the search function on this forum. There is a lot of threads covering your concern.

Other than that you can start using another device on a different IP to see if that helps your issue.
Try another mobile device. You can return for more help if that doesn’t work for you. We have some users here who might be able to fill in and send the form for you if above mentioned solution doesn’t seem to work out.

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Can you send me some because Im new to all this I’m trying to figure out how to use this media.

Send you some what? Links you mean?
Various methods:
A simple and quick use of the earch option here came up with this:

@ossi seems to be a helping hand when all options for sending in the form is out of reach. You can try asking him politely and see if he is able to help. But please use him as a last way out. I can imagen how annoying it can get being the nice guy when everyone wants you to do the same thing over and over again.

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Thanks. Yea I tried to reach out to Ossi but he doesn’t allow PMs , and again I’m new to this platform still trying to figure it out. and I will not remove this post. I’m bringing awareness to others so the same thing won’t happen to them.