IG is sending a code to my old phone number

I just got my account back from an artificial ban, and whenever I try to log it displays
“Help us confirm you own this account”, and the only choice available is sending a code to my phone number of 5 years ago (that has been deleted)…

Is there any way I can bypass this? I have access to the original e-mail, and already contacted the mobile company, which said that the number is inaccessible…

I don’t think it’s possible to do that. I think the only way would be to verify the account via that phone number. The thing that crosses my mind is to contact IG and explain the issue.

The only way now is to contact support and hope for the best.

Unless your phone number being inaccessible means that the number was recycled and is now being used by someone else then there are two options. One is extremely illegal and the other one would make the phone number owner able to steal your account at any time so there aren’t really any good news here, sorry.

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There’s no way to bypass that. You will need to contact Instagram through the Support request form. Check out the link shared by Luca above.

If you don’t have access to the form, you can try contacting FB Ads Support and getting their help through live chat. You need a FB account that has run ads before in order to contact them via live chat.

Thank you!!

What would you say the success rate is when reaching out to them through FB chat? Is there any chance I won’t retrieve it?

if you were able to get to them it would be good, your chance of getting the account back are 50-50 just keep tying and see how it goes