Mobile Proxies 4G Henry Cooper

the 4g mobile proxies from henrycooper are very often down (proxy error) in jarvee, is it the same with you guys or do i have something that fucks up? I change the http to https but it is very often down and my clients dont get results


I suggest you open a ticket with their support.

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I have so far 50 instagram proxies from highproxies and 50 4g mobile proxies, never had a problem with highproxies so far but you guys in the forum inspired me to buy 4g mobile proxies cause it is the best for client management, so i did that, now they are very often down and the highproxies instagram proxies are valid, do you think i should run with highproxies and delete the mobile proxies?

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according to what people say here his proxies are very good

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Contact the support very helpful and friendly :innocent:

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High Proxies are datacenter and while stable also are not the best quality to use. Can have issues with likes, posting, etc.

Mobile proxies are a bit more unstable just with the nature of cell phones in general. I frequently have the same issue as you as have others I know on these forums who have tried them too.

Primarily because you buy access to a pool of mobile proxies and you move from one mobile to another in that pool from time to time they (support) don’t seem to be able to identify the source of the issue. I just get told I’m unlucky…which I guess so are you and the others I know who have similar problems

For example…right now about 70% of my mobile proxies are down but they’ll clear up in an hour or two (hopefully)…however I’ve had some of these proxies be down for 8+ hours and even a few times for over 24h. It does eventually clear up

If your proxy gets moved to a mobile in that pool that’s currently down…you’re out of luck until it moves to another one which can be hours.

That all being said. When they work, they work very well and are very useful so I just work around these issues for my clients and still get the results I need for them

I should also point out, there are times Jarvee reports a proxy error yet the account is still performing functions. I couldn’t tell you why that occurs but check your dashboard for that account as well and see if anything is happening or if it is stalling out.

As Ido said, talking to support or @HenryCooper directly would be the best choice in addressing this. Maybe they can do something for you they haven’t been able to for me.


Thanks, this was exactly the same thing that I have! You give me new information for this, do you think it is worth to buy 50 new proxies from highproxies, dont have the quality proxies but proxies that run the whole time when you need them?

You know what your clients needs better than anyone else here. I personally try to avoid putting my clients on datacenter proxies to avoid any unpleasantness. I’d rather have a client account not perform actions for a few hours than get disabled because of a subnet block

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Very happy with my proxies from Henry, but do note daily maintenance. It confused me at first but the proxies usually come back quickly. I also think the entirety of Asia had some problems yesterday, resulting in some of his proxies having extra problem. He updated his website with a status page to see stuff like this.

Edit: I did an oopsie


Don’t mix up datacenter IPs with mobile IPs. Datacenter IPs travel over lines and have practically no downtime except if the provider fucks up. Mobile IPs requests need to travel over the air to the cell tower. For example our datacenter IPs (Quality Tier) have close to a 100% uptime, because there is not much “moving” parts involved.

Every once in a while there are issues with cell towers. Modems crashing, contracts or balances running out, etc. We are constantly buying/renting new apartments to make sure that only a small % of the total proxies is affected when there is anomalies/issues in a specific location.

We both have a status page and a Telegram updates channel :slight_smile:


Do you think it make sense to switch again to instagram proxies when i dont use likes? I only need a safe proxy for my clients that can make the basic things without liking, cause many clients write me that they dont get the results they have before, cause the nightmode together with the downtime from the proxies makes very critical results right now

This all can be fixed with proper settings (proper in the sense of: for mobile proxies), since “static” settings are bad anyway, even for accounts operated on datacenter IPs. I always recommend to go with the cheapest possible that yields you good enough results and I never recommend a proxy change - if even someone wants to buy from us - if it can be avoided :slight_smile:


I actually removed nighttime mode off the mobile proxies for my clients specifically because this downtime is expected from time to time. It helped significantly in making sure I got my total actions for the day.


Mhh sounds very logical… But do you dont think nightmode gives your account more value?

We actually removed the need of the daily maintenance for some time already :innocent:


Using nightmode as a way to establish “trust” with Instagram is anyone’s guess. While in theory it seems more “human” I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest it is vital to an account beyond people’s opinion and their own experiences.

Some people find success using it, others find success not using it at all. Typically the only time I use it is on raw-mobile proxies so I can stack more accounts and mitigate activity rather than 20+ accounts trying to all do things simultaneously.


Couldn’t agree more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very informative bro! how many accounts do you have on a raw mobile proxy? :slight_smile:

I have two mobile proxies…each with 15 accounts on it (both from Henry). I plan to stack more on one of them this week to see what kinds of limits I can put and still get effective results. My goal is to get it to 30 on one all performing all their expected daily actions. The trick will be managing the API blocks if any occur since I feel bandwidth limiting will be vital to the success of this.


Interesting, hold us on your actually stand, it is very interesting. When the 4g mobile proxies are error, do they switch automatically on valid or do you have to verify the proxies every time again that they go valid?

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