Impossible Instagram Verification Loop


Hi ! Did you try ? Any luck ?

I need help with my Instagram account

I was trying through my laptop today but no luck. VPN turned on, using Explorer browser private tabs.

Am going to try your way now - through my Android and downloading Opera and browsing private.


Ohhkk yes it worked for me. I wish it works for you also. Keep updating ! All the best !


Impossible Instagram Verification Loop it work for meeeee… Yeeeees. Try this guy’s please try it




Thank you sooooooo much bro. I LOVE YOU


Guys, I’m glad I could help ), please Contact for questions. I know very little English, but I will try to help everyone


Hi sir ! Thanks for helping everyone :pray:


Hey ! Were you able to access your account ?


I have tried many times but always negative result, even when but gave the different screen, can someone help me?


How plz tell me


Hello, i have seen that you got it sorted out… and here im also experiencing this same issue! please help me… i have tried this more than 20times and still its coming like this same loop.
i want to clear one doubt with you… when you say repeat 7 to 10 times means, do you really want us to do request "forget password >> username/email/number >> reset password (7 to 10 times). OR once do the first procedure… then when we receive an email stating "New device login “secure password” >> do this 7 to 10 times ??? please reply ASAP


Yes you have to request forgot password. Keep changing passwords. When they send you the mail that you have changed your pasaword then click on secure your account link. It may take you to same error for a few times. But after repeatedly doing this same procedure it worked for me. Yes you have to keep chaging passwords.


Also make sure it’s opera with vpn enabled and private tab browsing. Everything has to be done on browser. Mail should also be accessed through private browser tab.


i try this now and update you. thanks :slight_smile:


I had the same problem and tried your solution. Thought it wouldn’t work but kept trying out of desperation. After like the 30th time it worked! Keep hitting that “secure your account here” link, don’t give up! Thanks so much for this!


@instascalp thank you so much for the trick… At first it worked out, but after an hour instagram kicked me out of my account and when i am doing this trick again i am geeting 2 mails, 1 is of unusual activity from a proxy location and 2nd the one which is as mentioned by you.

2nd thing is i read it somewhere that after login turn off two factor authentication. And deactivate your account for a week or two…to make it a permanent fix.

Any help you can provide onto this… How to login again… And after that make sure it did’nt happen again!??

And my question is do i need to change vpn location each time i send a reset password request from instagram to mail… To make things work out in 5 to 10 attempts?


Try playing with the location every time you reset your password. And just repeat the operation. The email may not arrive immediately again, and it may also end up in a friend’s folder in your Inbox, so check all folders.


Ok i will check and reply… What next then after it got successful? To get permanently rid of it?


You can’t get rid of it forever. Here as lucky. I have popped up a maximum of 2 times on one account. So you just restore until it stops