Impossible Instagram Verification Loop


it didn’t work for me even with opera bro


this method didn’t work at all…


It’s worked for me several times using Opera - but it just keeps happening. And now, for the first time, I cannot get it to work either. Wonder if something has changed?


Hi! I have had this problem last week and found this forum and it worked but now have it again and something is not working! I download Opera but perhaps the VPN settings arnt correct? (see attached) As it just directs me back to the same page.
What do you mean by ‘reset the password via mail’ ? Just open that email link in Opera?
And then open the email you show above with ‘secure your account’ with opera?
What am I missing? I have done it 100 times! !


Hello. There is no way to recover through a mobile phone, I have not found, you can only wait for this bug to pass on their own


You can use any VPN service. Your task is to force the account to ask for confirmation by phone after resetting the password. After you do not confirm the phone, and click on the letter “secure your account here”, and there is already confirmed by phone. You can use any VPN extension in any browser


Thanks for much for responding, this account is my business and really means the world to get it set back up so really appreciate your time in helping.
For some reason when I select the ‘secure your account here’ it just loops back to the ’ Help Us Confirm You Own This Account’ page. So don’t know how to make them ask to confirm via phone?


Just to be clear these are the steps im doing:

Instagram log in page > forgot password > enter email and hit ‘send login link’

locate email and click ‘reset password’ and open it in Opera > reset password in opera
(the window goes straight to " Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" message.

Then open email as you described " This is a confirmation that the password for your Instagram account … has just been changed… you can [secure your account here]

Copy and paste link from ‘secure your account’ into opera.

Then " Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" page comes up again.

What am I missing??


Sorry me again! I went through my IG app on my phone and got to a thing where they sent me a 6 digit number to my email which was great, and then when I put in the number on my phone it says “Challenge_required” in a red banner???


Same problem to an account of a friend of mine. tried multiple times both from phones and pc. it asked the verification code, but didn’t go through a positive end


Hey can you help me with this


This is exactly what has been happening to me for weeks. I️ tried with the VPN, nothing is working


Hello everyone! Unfortunately I have the same problem. But I can’t solve it because I don’t have access to the email.

How can I do?

I know your username / password, I can also log in via Facebook or SMS. But then he reports the attached error. How can I solve it?


On few accounts I’m not receiving the password confirmation change email, suggestions?


Ok I worked it out. For some reason it would only send it when I was actually in the instrgam app on my phone? And not on my computer at all.
I am in thank gd! But I don’t know for how long!
Fingers crossed.
Sorry for the rant


I guess there is no one answer. First time this happened to me, reseting it in Opera browser helped me eventually and this time it was doing it through the Instagram app. Good luck everyone! Keep trying! I must have tried 100 times but got there! Hopefully won’t happen again too soon


Hey guys! I had tried to change my password probably 50 times using the same method that got me back in the first time and no luck. I ended up reporting my account as hacked through facebook which put me in contact with someone (not a robot) and he is trying to help me recover it. I have sent him multiple screenshots of whats happening and a link to this forum post. Hopefully they can fix the original issue.


Guys… Guys, before resetting any passwords make sure that all sessions to the account is closed from within IG phone app. If any is still active you will still keep getting AC warnings. Close all sessions and force a password recovery through EB. Once the AC loop is lifted let the account rest for a couple of days. Then start slowly doing actions on phone before jumping into automating with the account again.


My account got this issue again for no reason at all. I applied this method for the firt 3 times it happened and it worked but right now, it is not working. How stupid it is for us to create solutions for ourselves while the issue caused by Instagram to begin with? Unbelievable how stolid they are…


I’ve been stuck with this problem for over a week now , could anyone help me to fix this , i got an account with a fanbase over 35K so if someone can help me with a tutorial video or something I’m willing to give them 30-50$ through paypal if i get it!