Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

Hii, thnxx, well my account was deactivated and when i activate my account again, i got this error… Now the problem is as i am following the steps it tells me that the user is not found…as the acount is deactivated…how am i able to activte it and get back into it… I am so struck…

Any one can help me with your brower please contact me

If you could please message me and help me I’m stuck and I have a 10.1k même account please either message me on @jvisi0nz on snapchat or @ksinclairc_ on insta I’ll pay if necessary

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same you ! it just keeps happening, i don’t why?

Just use another browser with another VPN to open the ‘secure your account’ URL and you should get the right screen.

i can fix it. but tomorrow, it just keeps happening.

have you solved this problem? I’m getting my email to as well. Can’t find a way to get my account back without email :frowning:

Works great thanks, for the people that still has problem with fixing it once you receive the secure your account link open it in opera with the vpn ON , do not use the url in another browser …!

so if you use your mobile with vpn make sure you open the secure my account link also on your Phone with opera.

I’ve got better situation.

I reset my password and I need to verify my account not my e-mail:

I try with VPN, without, in mobile etc.

Hello, I am having a similar issue. When I login I get a popup saying your account has been compromised and that I need to change the password. When I go to change the password it says "an error has occurred. Please try again soon. I have retried this over and over again but I cannot change my password no matter what method I try. I tried with email reset but whenever I type in the new pass I get an error and it never goes through. So I can never get to the step with the email saying my password has been changed (cuz its not changing at all cuz insta won’t allow it to change) What can I do ?

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can you have the email with at the bottom “secure your account” link to tap? if yes, try to push that. Also, i would suggest you to try with an IP from a totally different country

Yes just tried that and got the same thing. (see screenshot). For some reason, insta just won’t let me change my password no matter what method I try.

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I’ve just encountered this. 3 accounts have compramised and not allowing me to change the password in anyway! Have you found out the solution?

I am having an issue with the ’ Help Us Confirm You Own This Account’ pop up. I read this convo and I am still unsure for a clear answer. Please, I need to get my account back up!

Mines working now. Yesterday they wouldn’t change passwords but today I tried again and working fine. Have you tried today? I haven’t reset or cleared cookies.

I have tried today and am still getting the error. What all did you do today to get it to work?

I’m still blocked out, its now at the point where when I try and reset my password, it comes up with a facebook error and that they are working on it.

i try this with the opera browser and activate the vpn function but when i follow the steps (forgot password, change password, go on ‘Secure your Account here’ in the ‘‘Your Password has changed Mail’’ I get the same problem again; again the page with ‘help us to confirm your account’???

Since for some people (including me) VPN method doesn’t work, I added some extra steps and managed to get back all of my accounts.

For this we won’t be using Instagram app, but 2 browsers, one regular browser and the other with VPN extension or Opera’s built in VPN option). You will never directly open links through email but just copy them and paste where I say. Follow everything step by step and watch
the email titles I mention.

  1. First open phone browser (no VPN on this one)
  2. Go to and login
  3. (Help us secure… message pops up)
  4. Copy “secure your account” link from email (email title - “New login to Instagram”) and paste it to VPN browser
  5. Type in new random password
  6. You get “suspicious login attempt”
  7. Verify with code or phone number (after that you will get kicked out back to login page)
  8. Login again
  9. (Help us secure… message pops up)
  10. Copy secure your account (email title - “New login to Instagram”) and paste it to regular Phone browser this time
  11. Type in a password you plan using in the future
  12. (Help us secure… message pops up)
  13. Copy “secure your account” (email title - “Your Instagram password has been changed” - this one could end up in Social category if you use Gmail), paste it to VPN browser
  14. Finally you’ll get “Is your profile information correct?” click “Yes, it’s correct.”

You will be logged in through VPN browser, after that you can log in anywhere else without the annoying popup.

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Hey mate I follow the steps 1-5 but after the new random password I dont get this suspicious login attempt, there’s the ‘Help us Secure…’ message again; i tried to follow at step 8 without 6 and 7 but then at the last step 13 there’s again this f****n ‘help us secure…’ message …please help

edit: when i open instagran on phone browser like in step 1-3 i dont get this mail you describe in step 4; i get this email only when i login on vpn browser opera