Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"


I wish this was working for me. Tried with multiple VPN’s on my phone and laptop. Will keep trying this method though.


Everything works. Sometimes you need 6-7 times to reset the password to receive this letter


Yeahhhhh man! You are astonishing…
Thank you so much.


I did it but there was no follow up intructions after putting the code they sent me!


You’re doing something wrong. after resetting the password, you should receive an email. if it does not come immediately, reset 6-10 times until you get the letter you want


i got the letter
but everytime i click on it. its come back again to help us confirm your account


That’s right. Well, just confirm your account and after it you let


the method suggested by instascalp does not work at all. neither change of ip, device or cookie clearing helped


I think it might work. People are getting their accounts back.


you think))) have you tried yourself? i have tried with a few accs. negative


I’m trying but no luck. But there seems no other way. What to do


Please tell how did you do it


Hey ! It worked for me.


Can you share details? Did you follow the steps exactly to make it work?


Yes ! I downloaded opera mini with built in vpn on my android device. After that just enable vpn from settings in the app. Now when you want to browse do it in a private tab. Then browse instagram and click the forgot password option. You will get a link to reset. After resetting you will get a mail that your password was changed. Then click the secure your account option in that mail. A form will open where you will verify and submit the details. You will be able to access. Now the thing is that it can take around 5 - 10 rounds of changing password. It really worked for me. Just make sure vpn is enabled and you are browsing in a private tab. Everything has to be done in private tab only. Access your mail from there only. Now i did it from my android device. It worked. I hope it works for you also. All the best !


Hey, guys. I have tried everything(VPN, Cookies, New browsers, Mobile/Desktop, 10 hours break), but i`m not getting the second email, that is telling about Successful Password Change. Only about account new entrance. Is anyone else with the same problem? Any ideas how to solve?


same with me. im trying more than 10x but stuck with help us confirm you own this account


Hello. Guys, just try putting your bills up for 24 hours. And don’t touch them at all, don’t go in, just let them rest. After try again after changing the browser and VPN extension. Try to change your country


I got this message for a third time. I did the steps Instascalp has referenced again and got my account back after only 3 tries this time.

I turned on my VPN, set the location to Florida, and opened a private tab in Safari.

Then when I got the password reset email, I copied the ‘secure your account here’ link and pasted it into the private window of Safari.

Instagram gave me a message saying “Is your account info Correct?”
I had two options.
“Yes, this is correct”
“no, secure my account”

I chose, “Yes. this is correct” and it logged me in on Safari.

I then was able to login from IG on my phone after that.


I followed the instructions but either I get “Oops there is an error” or it just redirects me to change my password for the second time. Here’s what I did;

  1. Open VPN active private Chrome tab via computer.
  2. Go Instagram web page and send me a “Forgot Password” link.
  3. Change my passwkord via the VPN active private tab.
  4. Then copy/past the “Secure my account” link on my password change confirmation email to another private VPN tab.

Is there something that I do wrong?