Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"


Try doing it thtough opera with bulit in vpn app on android device. Worked for me.


Did anyone who have restored their accounts had two-factor authentication on?


Was. What’s the problem?


I was thinking, that it might be a problem, that i am still not receiving the second email.


got it working aswell, giving my version of things:
i just did the requesting password thing 4 times, before the 4th time i changed my vpn to yet another country.
instagram detected this and send me a unique 6 digit code becasue of “strange activity”, so i thought hey, this is it.

i entered it in my private browser (all did on desktop) but alas it still gave me the infinite loop.
so i did the password change yet again to try and get that "‘secure your account here’ link to work
(was getting “invalid link” before)

for some reason i didnt get the “password has been changed” email in my primary inbox anymore but now moved to my spam box, so check that if you dont seem to get em anymore.

opened the password has been changed email, right clicked the “secure your account” link and pressed “copy link”

opened another private window in a different browser (did all things in chrome and this final step in firefox, all private windows)
and now i finally got the “Is your account info Correct?” page and i selected yes this is correct and it proceeded to log in.
i have been out since the 18th of october, thanks for the help here people! :smiley:

hope my version of things helps, be sure to share yours to help others aswell


Let everyone check all the folders in their mailbox. The letter could have come in another folder.


Hi, I am having the same problem, I can’t log in account. Do you have a solution?


I’m facing this problem too, anyone found solution?


Did you go through the thread? The solution is above. Many people had success using it.


igot this issue so many times.never stop. after verified. i got this issue again in couple days.


I have this issue and it keeps coming back after solving it. I have had this issue like 6 times in the past two weeks. Each time, I change the password and verify the account, It works well but after about a day or two it comes back again.


6 times in two weeks on one account? Maybe give it some rest huh?


Yea I don’t post or do anything for now. probably just reply dm but it still comes up.


but you are botting it right?


It doesn’t matter whether you use a bot or not. I don’t even make manual actions and my acccount got this error 2 times already.


I tried the reset password method on 4 different browsers, with vpn with several locations, 81 times total. Nothing. Few times 6 digit, but thats it.


It worked for me with all accounts blocked.

Tks @Meenakshi_Verma


Update: I am now not able even to change password, after the reset link it redirects me to “Something went wrong” or “Http error 500” page… I didn’t touch the account for 60 hours and went with VPN.


Update: I am now not able even to change password, after the reset link it redirects me to “Something went wrong” or “Http error 500” page… I didn’t touch the account for 60 hours and went with VPN.

Having the exact same problem @fjaka

Facing the same problem here for the third time now. First two times worked exactly like explained via Opera with VPN in like 2 or 3 tries. But this time it does not work. I tried resetting my password and clicking the “Secure your account” link at least 100 times by now with different VPN locations, different computers, different browsers, mobile, private and not private window and I always get back to the “Help us confirm…” page.

Since Saturday it doesn’t even let me change my password anymore. I get a “Oops, something went wrong” page everytime. But sometimes the “Your password has been changed” mail comes still through but with the same results.

I have the feeling that it is meant to be very easy to solve this issue but it is so buggy that it is almost impossible to do.