Instagram account disable user not found

Hi, my instagram account has been disable, whenever i will click on get more help it shows user not found. Can anyone help me to get back my account

Try following these instructions and see how it goes and if you manage to recover it:

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Ok bianca i will try this one.

A classic:

Seems like that link is not available on level 1.

OP, are you doing this recovery on the device that you created the account on?

While the nature of this thread addressed something slightly different, the essence of it remains.

Had a different problem (“lost” the password to one of my accounts) and could only recover it from the device the account was created.

No i am not doing it on that device.

short question: was the thread deleted or moved? Can’t access it.

It is only available for 2nd Level Users :slight_smile:

Oh ok, my bad. May I ask how I can get to the 2nd level? I looked at the guidelines but couldn’t find the information on how about to get to the 2nd level. :slight_smile:

do as directed