Instagram API call limits

Does anyone have any idea what the API call limits are?

I’ve been losing a lot of my scrapers so have been playing around with the “delay all tools when api calls exceed a given value”. I’m currently using values from a mega thread on this topic but they seem to be so tight that the scrapers aren’t even able to do very much.

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its really depends on the quality of your scrapers…why not have a scrape company do the targets and u\you can just upload a list to your mp… you need the account name and the user number and circumvent all the scrape issues.

Do you any companies that offers that service? That would be WAY easier!

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I would like to know that as well!

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I have a database of over 20mil Instagram scraped users. I can export usernames/userIds based on filters you like. For example:

1 post
30 followers & < 50,000 followers
category: Blogger

and so on. If anyone is interested, let me know :slight_smile:

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Have you tried API Calls limits settings and delay settings from this thread?

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I think limits should be specified and unique to each one of the accounts you are using. My suggestion is to test different limits and different scraper account until you find limits that are working on that particular account.

Yeah. Those settings are so strict with all of the delays that the scrapers never met their limits

Were you still having issues with the scrapers when using these limits? I mean issues with verification or api scrape blocks? Or your issue is that they are too strict and not doing much for you?

Yeah. They are so strict that the scrapers weren’t even able to do many actions. The delays keep them mostly inactive