Instagram APP Automation Macro Experiment [DAY 1]


My Account (dont take this into too much consideration as i have a really bad posting schedule and am very inconsistent)
Followers: 17.4k (-10 daily)
Niche: Photography
ER: 5%
Quality: High (not posting garbage imo)

I’ve been having so much trouble with action blocks recently that I gave up on automating my account. This was a bad idea as I’ve been losing followers slowly and my ER went from about 8% to 5%. Every day or so I’m going to post updates on how it’s going as well as guides and suggestions on how to do it yourself.
credit to @bigpack for the idea and his post he has some info on his post about the advantages of this method and I would check it out before reading this.

To start off you should get a 2nd phone that you can leave somewhere with WiFi charging all day as the scripts generally use a lot of battery and data.

So I tried out a few macro/automation apps and these are the best (some require root)

  • Automate - It has a lot of in depth features and can be used to create complex scripts.
  • Macro Droid - you can create simple scripts and it’s easier to use then automate
  • HiroMacro - Very simple to use

I decided to use automate as they have a script sharing community and someone had posted a great Instagram bot script. I put the features below


You need automate pro for this script ($2.99) so you may want to look at other options.

  • Like from list/hashtags/timeline
  • Follow from list/hashtags
  • Switch between your logged in accounts
  • Increase daily maximums (Account Warmup)
  • Schedule Jobs (like/follow/switch accounts)
  • Remote Access (using SMS)
    I’m not going to include the name of the script here as I’m not sure if its against rules.

For Day 2: I will run the script all night and all day tomorrow and post my findings.

Instagram APP Automation Macro Experiment [DAY 2]

Interesting, but only good if you have few accounts. Good luck


yes, this is definitely not for the people on here who have clients and have the expertise and money to avoid the blocks. It’s for people like me who just want to automate their own account but are tired of weeks and weeks of trial and error.


Yes I understand, if you only have one account, why you ddon’t do action manually on your phone ? It takes a little time, but it is possible to do it for a single account


Nice post! Android users should soak this up.


I already do 50 comments a day, adding a few hundred likes and follows to that would be too much work.


Yes, so I hope your macro experiment will work for you dude !


Keep us posted to see if this works in a week with the blocks


Have been thinking to test this for months, but never had the time, really glad you’re sharing this,please keep us updated!
I have some doubts that IG cannot track it, and if it doesn’t it will probably be in the short run, if this actually is something that can works i have no trouble to see this scaled up for not cheap clients.


Looking forward to hearing your results, please also give us more details in regards of number of actions etc. if you feel you cannot share the script, please DM it to me, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing definitively a way to go for clients with budget, we are already researching for old phones, carriers sell them very cheap after they were returned by customers. (Batteries are not an issue as they can be plugged all day long.)


I’m sure they CAN track it but when I used to get action blocks I could still follow hundreds of people daily through my phone so I’m hoping it will work.


Sent a DM, I’ll post info on actions + more tonight


Thanks for the post. Sounds like an interesting approach so hopefully it will work well.

Please keep us updated - would be great to hear how this works out.


Op how has this turned out? A fellow coder in my community was just talking to me about android automation through blue stacks, I have the slightest, I’ve always been a iOS guy.


To add and maybe help your test this is what he said to me on discord when we was chatting this morning.


Never mind just checked the search and bluestacks seems to be a no go.


At last MP forums have moved to testing periods not whining ones again :raised_hands::joy:


Emulator detection is very easy.
More over IG will not work on emulator - will say detected, there are some emuilators that do it better but still detectable.


Good luck with this experiment and thanks for sharing it public.
This looks like good approach.


Posted a day 2 update