Instagram Appeal System Update - July 2020 🔧

Is there any updates about the whole ban appealing situation?

The Update is that the form is currently unusable :sweat_smile:

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Hopefully it’s related to the issue! I’d assume so, since it’s affected the username section of the appeal form.

Has anyone been able to use the form to recover an account recently? I’m still getting all errors…

That’s because the forms are still down

Form still down?

Currently I have a few clients that can’t get the to appeal process yet because the app asks for their mobile number and the code doesn’t reach them, despite the number being correct. Anyone getting the same?

Back up since a week or so :slight_smile:

How do you submit? Because I tried and at the second appeal I got the error says I need to check the account… :frowning:

When did you submit the second appeal?
I use

Today :frowning:

Okay my humble opinion. If it is a business account on Instagram then during the week try and message Facebook for Business. Send them a message on messenger. That is what helped me. Cos the forms really didn’t do anything for me. If after that nothing then I really don’t know again

What did you tell them? And what did they reply?

They always tell me they can’t help :\

Explained the situation but just know that because of COVID-19 they are slow in fixing

Has anyone who was in this limbo state been able to submit the appeals form? I’ve never had this problem before and am currently unsure how to actually submit my form now. It doesn’t matter which link I use, all of them give me the same error message.

Happened to one of my accounts.
It seems to be a bug,but i could not find a way around it.

It’s definitely a bug according to tons and tons of Reddit users but so far, nobody has found a solution (other than some users saying that one of their accounts was suddenly back a month later without doing anything). Honestly, I don’t even know what to do with this stupid app anymore. I can’t believe that you can’t appeal because of a bug on the app that has been around for over 6 months…

Update: 2 days after getting this bug, I was able to submit the form (I did it through the app, or specifically clicked on the button that led me to the browser form). I was honestly surprised because I thought it wouldn’t get out of the loop. The only thing I did (not sure if it helps) is update the app to the latest version (there is supposedly a new appeal form within the app for some users in dedicated countries, so not sure if that made a difference although I didn’t get that form) and then I unplugged my wifi to get a new residential IP, so perhaps it was the IP address as well. I do know from others on this forum who are still stuck in the loop, so unfortunately I can’t say that I found the solution to this, I can only tell you what I did and generally recommend to NEVER appeal through the app.


hi! my account has been blocked as well, how do i get there submitting any infos like the selfie.i just sent a code which they sent me via text message and it goes “thanks for providing your info, we’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, youll be able to acces your account within approximately 24h” i think it comes from using third party unfollow has been blocked for 5 days now i really dont know what to do :frowning:

You can’t submit an appeal via Appeal form when your account is still under review. Try following the steps on this thread: [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION] you will be asked to send them info about your account and your selfie.

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bosss, worked for me, hope they reply i had a really valuable @ with 60k