Instagram Creator Accounts are Rolling Out

There are Instagram Regular Profiles, Business Profiles, and now Instagram is introducing Creator Profiles.

Creator Accounts appear to be only available for those over 10,000 Followers, although some users have reported higher Follower profiles not having the ability to make the change. I can confirm that Creator Accounts are here on one of my profiles:

(This was on a 14k Adult page)

  • More control over Profile buttons
  • A different message box
  • More growth and insight tools

Go to “Edit Profile” -> Underneath the bio “Get More Tools” -> Select “Creator” or “Business” Account


Are you in Canada?

Yes but I first read this on Reddit and can’t confirm whether the OPs there are from Canada

I just checked in the u.s it’s not available to
Me, I am a business account though maybe if I switch off I can see it?

It’s probably that, give it a shot and let us know. Like I said, they aren’t available on all accounts. One Redditor claims to have a 44k account but not being given the Creator Account option.

Love the way you rephrased my reddit title :smiley:

I have been asking the people now who have already have “approved creator accounts” if they can see any immediate changes like reach and so on. Will also update here when I hear from them.

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o hi ther lolz - thanks for your contibution to MPSocial/the Instagram community

(excuse the lack of creativity in my title; I just woke up)

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I activated it a couple of days ago. 50K account

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Canada/US/etc. ?

Living in China right now

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No problem! I was unsure if I should’ve started the thread here.

Thank you for doing it. Would love to hear the thoughts from members here

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here in Chile its on

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I didn’t have it when it was first released but got it a week or so after, I’m in Australia!

It’s also available in Germany. Switched one of my accounts to a creator one. Let’s see what the performance will be like.

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This is the result after switching to creator account! Now, I can never share this insights to brands if I wanna work with them

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You mean much less likes and impressions?

Exactly. The engagement rate is going down rapidly and last I checked, my posts are not shadowbanned.


Just switched but haven’t posted. I’ll try today. How many followers? Will you switch back to Business?

What Creator Accounts Provide:

  1. Growth insights such as data around follows and unfollows
    This expansion of insights covers stories, IG TV, and posts. IG says that this makes “it easier for influencers to spot any spikes or troughs in their following”, but to be honest, I don’t think is addition is that useful.
  2. Direct messaging tools that allow users to filter notes from relevant people, e.g., they can filter notes from brand partners and friends. Creators will be able to rank their pending requests by relevance or time to make sure they don’t miss important requests.
    This adds to the efficiency of business that work through IG, but again, this “problem” is easily solved through third party software.
  3. Flexible labels that allow users to designate their preferred method of contact

Overall, this addition in my opinion is nothing more than a way to supply more advertising revenue to the Facebook group of companies.


I tried posting with the creator account and I immediately switched back to the business account. It killed both my reach and engagement. Don’t know what’s wrong with Instagram these days. You would think that to encourage more people to use this type of account you’d reward them by giving a small boost in reach. Nope they do the other way around (I’m not alone in this, other accounts had the same issue).