Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


My block started on June 4 and still hasn’t been released… should I be worried then?


A bit of humor here and there can’t hurt :wink:


I thought this was the same with my account but ask them to check each one and I’m pretty sure they’ll find they’re not actually following them.

I find when I try to follow them, it comes up with the block message but then still seems to follow them until you come out of their profile and go back in and you will see it hasn’t saved. It also doesn’t reflect in your following count on your profile.

I’d definitely recommend they double check this. :wink:


Do you think changing the proxies is vital?
How important do you think it is it to have one account per Instagram Proxy? Can I do two?


I’ve 26 accounts that still blocked and I’m not worried about it, mostly aren’t, it will release soon or later as others have been released already, it just a matter of time, don’t worry.

But the best thing you can do is turn off and turn on after 2-3 days or after block release with fresh new proxies.


No tons of people are still blocked. It will go away eventually but no one knows the exact pattern of how the unblocks happen.


okay, thanks for the responses. Just really worried the block will never left and really not liking that I can’t grow my account. I’ll try to stay patient best I can.


i’m starting to seriously doubt that lol


@neoxdz / @billie_newland / @luchoval1
there’s Hope ↓↓


those 26 accounts are under the 6000/30 or have more follows?


Almost of them over 6000/30, except for two accounts that was above that, down below are mostly new accounts with less than a month and they were not affected at all. I’ve shared a printscreen here yesterday and I’ll share another today with lesser accounts blocked.


well idk if you guys are promoting your site on instagram and don’t manage clients, idk you if considered this but if you’re losing BIG MONEY right now since you don’t have traffic/followers ,I suggest you pause your vps/jarvee memebrship/proxy plan until things get resolved.


If you want to see the other side of the crisis, This is not a good advice IMO


so let me see if i understood well, you have many accounts over the supposed 6K limit and they are working well?


like i said if you’re running very few accs and not losing much it’s okay, but if you’re losing a lot and not making anything in return, why not pause them for a while?


Jumping here late to the party. I’ve been letting a company take care of the follow/unfollow engagement while I take care of likes, comments and posts. Of course I asked them to go on the conservative side and got the follow ban which now people are wondering I’m not following back :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I noted that my # of followers dropped a bit and I asked them (since last week) to stop any activities, they replied that maybe one of their managers unfollowed some accounts and from I read in here… does unfollowing (only unfollowing, without follow) has an impact too? I feel like maybe I should change the password to prevent them from touching it more but just wanted to confirm if follow and unfollow count towards the so called:guessed limit or if it’s just follows.


unfollow doesn’t seem to relate to follow, when the wave started I stopped all follow actions “of course” but continued all other actions and it seemed to be working without any problems.

For people who got unblocked, did you stop muting after follow or you continued?


That is good considering the amount of follows you were doing per day! How many follow actions a day is that account doing now, is it still not follow blocked?


Agreed, there are plenty of things you can do currently


I can still unfollow, but my action is limited to 15 at once, it seems. After that, it just refreshes to leave whoever I unfollowed as still on my list. Not sure if it is an hourly or daily limit…