Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


I believe the block is only related to following and not unfollowing, so I wouldn’t worry!


This may be obvious to folks, but there’s a good chance IG established the limits with some element of random variation in the same way we do with Jarvee, right?

The 6000/30 theory seems well-supported, but the sporadic reports of “dropped to 5,500 and still blocked” make me think they’re trying to hide their patterns as we hide ours.


the blocks that happened last month lasted about 3 weeks but went away. I’m sure this is the same thing just on a larger scale.


That’s the best! We have to face this with humor! Hahaha


Guys, have you tried to send DMs? I hear that people selling the M/C service is struggling right now.

I tried to send some DM and after a few, my accounts that were followblocked are now banned.

Be careful and don’t do what I did: if your acc is followblocked, let It rest…


I’ve many FB accounts working with DM, stories views and comments, post comments, like comments and FBE since FB and still working, no ban and no extra blocks on other tools.

Something is wrong with your proxies or your setting or behavior I guess.


Yep, but I am talking about the followblocked accounts. I tried to send DMs with them and a good part of them are now banned.

The accs that were not followblocked are still rocking!


Me either, I’m talking about the follow blocked accounts too.


Is it safe if I keep running likes automation while all my accounts are still blocked at least something to stabilize my clients accounts from losing followers


I don’t know what to say, my proxies are working good with the others accounts.

But just in case I will test some IPV4 ones


I wouldn’t touch them, let them rest just in case. Tell your clients to engage with other accounts, make likes, comments, etc.


I got news, randomly today one of my clients in Eastern Canada was unblocked and now she’s back to following just fine… in addition to this, she was definitely still over the 6K within 30 days mark so I’m thinking that’s BS. Perhaps they’re updating/releasing blocks regionally.
She was the only one, none of my US accounts are unblocked yet.


Well I personally continued all other actions after resting 2 days after the block wave started. They all seem fine and only 2 accounts are still follow blocked.

I got a pretty new account follow blocked after 1.2k follows… has been 3 days and it’s still blocked…


In my opinion, they are doing this to study every action from all the bot accounts/services. Check the pdf source on the end of this post, read it all and you will understand that we’re having the same issues as before, of course they got many regular users on this wave.

If you think this is a normal behavior or bugs and will pass soon, think twice, read the article down below, maybe yes it will pass and get back to the activities as before but I think they’re studying all the bot accounts, what they do after the block, when blocked and after the unblock.



Teach me his ways haha


Instagram unlocks all the user who did not use Bots, but all of us who use Jarvee> 6000 we are blocked, this is worrisome.


Facebook said there: We perform two interventions, first on a narrow set of AAS activity over a six-week period, and a second on a broad set of AAS activity over a subsequent two-week period.


I feel you believe me, I’m just thinking law of attraction think positive… the document also states that they realize they need us to an extent and it helps the ecosystem in a sense.


Yeah and imagine if they remove all the automation in a day… Investors won’t like the numbers anymore.

That one new account I have that is blocked after 1.2k follows is weirdly blocked by the api but not in the embedded browser…


Yes I do indeed but we need to be realistics, something is going on. they did 4 updates last days, normally they do each 15 days or per month.