Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Yes I do indeed but we need to be realistics, something is going on. they did 4 updates last days, normally they do each 15 days or per month.


Also forgot to ask and I’m sure thjs won’t remove the follow ban, but any results or feedback related to changing the password?

As said, I’m manually liking and commenting (don’t like automation for this) but not sure if there’s been a request to change my password (seems some folks got a message to do so).


That’s what I’m guessing, just trying to get some opinions.


I want to learn It too hahaha


I found this on the Russian forum.
Use a translator :wink:


I Will check It right now, thank you!


It was supposed to be general and I accidentally gave an answer to you :slight_smile: Excuse me


How do you get the follow blocks to be lifted? Do you completely rest your account and execute no actions?


Voicing a similar concern. All of my accounts still have the following block placed on them regardless of the 6000/30 rule. Any strategies for lifting this block, should all actions be withheld?



No problem! I read It and if it’s true, we Will have to figure It out what are those limits. I am sure that if we work together, we Will discover!

Maybe they were talking about the 6k limit?


Please read :slight_smile: I will also try to reach the Chinese, Japanese forum etc


There are also relying on info from this forum too.



Just some memes to make ur day :slight_smile:


While Instagram is in a position to identify all AAS customer accounts, blocking these accounts is not a desirable outcome
since Instagram users still use them to initiate legitimate actions that
should not be blocked

very important to know that this is temporary and once we get out of this, it will mean things will look different from how they were before


Just got this message from a client who was blocked for 7 days…


Thank you SO much! It seems I’m able to follow people now…hopefully now things will get back to normal and my following will continue to grow again… Definitely keep me updated. I’m all in for this journey of building my brand and really couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for the reassurance.

—Only thing is in my tools dashboard it still shows a follow block. How do I get it to clear?


This read is SATISFYING!
Congratulations to the unblock @mbk485 and more important to a happy client :slight_smile:


this is making me feel like in independence day movie, when people all around the world started to talk each others in order to counter attack the aliens X°D


Yeah, that forum is very interesting, I Will bookmark It, I am learning a lot haha


mmm just had a new client that wasn’t effected before cross the 6K mark overnight and he’s blocked ASF today… so although it’s not 100% of the story, it’s definitely part of it… I didn’t want to believe it, but yeah