Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Ive been reading this forum for whole day long from 1st to last post. Just wanna say you guys are awesome and positive thinking is really important here. I noticed ive been follow blocked since 4th of June. I honestly think they f***** something up with algorithm update and turned it into a hungry serpant eating everything on its path. Normally i would follow s*** load of ppl manually like 60 each hour for whole day long, i did that for few months untill i found jarvee which did an awesome job for me. Untill follow block i was following 650 users each day and unfollowing them after 1-2 days. Everything worked fine and suddenly i got follow blocked for a week now. 650 ppl per day is way below my normal rate of following 1k ppl each damn day manually so this follow block means only one thing…they F up update for algorithm.


My acc is about 1 year old if anyone wonders :blush:


Hi everyone, new to the forum and have a bunch of clients setup on both FollowLiker and Jarvee. I wanted to share that I started to see a few accounts get the follow block removed today. Some stats:

5/4-6/4 - 7,319 total follows - block lifted - Jarvee
5/4-6/4 - 5,988 total follows - block lifted - FL
5/4-6/4 - 6,592 total follows - block lifted- FL

Most of my other accounts with follow activity ranging from 4k - 14k during 5/4-6/4 are still blocked.

I run mostly DC proxies and haven’t changed any. I continued unfollowing while follow blocked for most accounts and also continued any liking, DM’s and story views with no issues. A handful of users saw the inauthentic/compromised notification over the past couple of months, most didn’t. Some are currently experiencing weird issues in the app (like missing swipe ups, missing profile views, feed issues, etc.).

Some clients with very conservative settings (less than 200 daily follows) were not affected by these blocks. New clients started in the past month were not affected (at least yet), but they’re still in the warm up phase.

I’ll also mention that I had about a dozen accounts get follow blocked in the May block wave. I’ve been running very conservative settings on those since that block was lifted and none of those accounts were affected by this recent June wave.

Not sure how much this helps, but thought I’d share since we’re all in the same boat here…


Instagram is down again… a lot is going on lately.


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

For now we can say nothing with 100% certainty. Everything is assumption and speculation. If it’s just a bug in their algorythm it would be great, but that’s not clear.


Thanks for having me!

Yeah i hope that too! Being positive about it can attract only a positive outcome hehe. Hope we all get unblocked soon enough :blush::facepunch:


Let’s hope they’re fixing the stuff while the platform is down. A lot of regular-non-bot users are having the same follow or like in comments problems (I saw that in this forum too) Why do you keep posting useless stats? It has nothing to do with your Jarvees


I have 100+ Jarvee accounts. Most were follow blocked until they started to drop under 6000 as people have described.

I turned on the new accounts and about half of them have had trouble again and getting the follow block.
Not sure why as the new settings are around 150 follows per day and they are now blocked again.

Anyone have any idea for accounts that were unblocked and now reblocked?


there is something affecting all type of accounts (BOT-free accounts too), so it’s a bug.


Maybe the trust scores are lower for the reblock accounts. Try wait for them to drop to around 4K to reactivate them again.


Ok thanks good idea


We all hope that, but we don’t know that.


Downdetector’s comments


Someone is using the attention to grow :joy:
Forget Jarvee Downdetector is the new shit


So each day that goes on, the 6000/30 or 5000/30 makes sense(it’s facts not *******).

Here is my 2 cents for today.

3 accounts were back to follow today and all of them get blocked after one follow and was above 6000/30 (new proxies from a provider that was never blocked before and settings 200 and below follows per day)

The printscreen below is only from the accounts with most follow actions, all other accounts below 4450/30 that is not on the printscreen below are allowed to follow also all accounts below 5400 follows last 30 days are able to follow and do all activities normally.


I advise you to stop totally, some people say that is better to leave the activities and act as normal. But if it’s clients accounts and something happen, you know who’s fault right? I mean, the client will always come back to you for explanations.


Good to know man, it seems there was a lot of people (including myself) that were right around the mark that you were on daily follow actions. Keep your head up and possibly start mining crypto :joy:


Has anyone experienced a follow block longer than 7 days?


Interestingly all of my accounts were fine on the 4th of June and I thought I was super lucky. Now today like 90% all of them are blocked, both likes and comments. None of them are over the 6K mark, some are even around 2K (6 month old accounts). The ones that are working still are basically using similar proxies and some of those are over 6K.

Don’t know. lol


I have 2 accounts that have been blocked for almost a month. I stopped then after the block but they still blocked


Yes. The 6000/200 a day thing is solid in my opinion.