Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Is this ironic?



I currently have all my accounts locked on the follow action.

If you start the unfollow activity they work regularly.

I was thinking of facilitating the times, and setting all the profiles in unfollowing so as to make a clean of the useless followings.

Do you think it’s a risk?


Yes. I’m over 7 on 30 accounts.


When the follow block wave hit on 4th June I’ve stopped all the follow tools from all the clients I’ve here and started the unfollowing slowly, till now I’ve a few unfollowing so the client didn’t even notice this issues.

I advice to do that and when you finish unfollowing check if the follow is unblocked than if not, please stop till get back to follow normally(you should save some days of excuses like that :joy:)


Already did that on all my clients. All other tools was stopped.

They will feel a drop down of followers.


Friends and the rule 6000/30
Includes only follow or also unfollow?
That is 3000 follow
3000 unfollow
sum of 6000?


All the “rule of 6000/30” is about follows. Unfollows don’t count here


I wouldn’t be so sure about that. We still don’t have enough data to say if unfollows doesn’t play a role as well because we just focused on the followblocks.


Already did unfollow on 400 clients accounts after follow block 1000 daily. 2 days rested after block without anything.

100% sucess.


This guy just asked about 6000/30 theory. We don’t have another one atm and no one discussed the unfollowing limits so I just answered his question. When it comes to theory nothing can tell 100%


Hahahaha, already have some crypto in pocket, hopefully il be rich one day :joy::joy::yum:


Today is the day nr. 8 for me :joy::joy:


looks like it’s gonna take a while.


Today i logged off from my phone a follow blocked account, created a new one . Added about 15 pictures , promoted it on an older insta account on story, got about 200 followers … and then i started FOLLOWING MANUALY ! I followed 53 people and got follow block .

Why follow black so fast ? Is 53 alot for day 1 account ? Or somehow they saw i used a follow blocked account on this phone ?

And how much should i expect the block to last on this new account?


It’s highly likely that that is what happened if you didn’t use a different IP/Proxy.


Im on the phone my 4g conection


Can it get any worse???:disappointed_relieved:


It can always get worse. We should thank our accounts havent been banned. Lets just wait and see for now.


Calm down guys, if Instagram wanted to kill us they would have done it already.


Try and follow very slowly, after successful follows it should reset