Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Try and follow very slowly, after successful follows it should reset


conversation is starting to simmer down because we’re all out of ideas and honestly this block isn’t moving at allll


Yeah, it’s a bit grim.

I’ve taken to trying to unpack Instagram’s motivation behind the blocks to help me process next steps.

If/when the new normal settles, renewed focus on the mother/slave approach might be a safe bet, which will mean a lot more work.


Yesterday was a nice post from @TradeKozy how it dealt with the blockade, but the topic was probably moved to level 2 because today I am writing that I do not have access :frowning:



Those ones who are using follow automation with “human settings” via Chrome app, are they experiencing same problem?


Even people who do manual actions are experiencing the same


My account is still blocked. Tomorrow will be week 3. Yesterday wanted to share my live but " your live video couldn’t be shared". I’m not a bot :frowning: Honestly, Instagram is broken…


because in my opinion the block analyze all third party automation that occur in an account and then act in a certain way, chrome app and legit app such buffer, later and so on


Exciting update from me: my follow block has just lifted!

HOLY PHEW :sweat_smile:

If useful: this morning my account was at approximately 5450* follows for the past 31 day period (also 5600 unfollows).

My follow ban lasted almost exactly a week and I continued all other normal actions (likes, story views, messages, some unfollows) through the Insta app during that time. I didn’t experience (or at least notice!) any other limitations. I have been botting for about 9 months, going heavy on likes, follows and story views, but only follows these most recent months.

I received the ‘removing inauthentic likes’ message early June but never the ‘account compromised’+forced password change one. I changed my password after getting the first message anyway, and re-authorised my bot but turned actions off. I had received misc temporary like/follow blocks in the months prior.

*This figure may be lower still, as the follow block was still present earlier today but gone late afternoon, perhaps when my rolling number of follows dropped below whatever the pre-determined number was. Seems Insta’s limits are truly rolling rather than a ‘recalculated every midnight’ sort of thing. My bot dashboard only updates its figures daily though, so I’ll let you know what the exact follow figure is tomorrow.

I suspect it could be up to a couple of hundred follows lower than this.


Great to hear! I think it is a random number for each account around the 6000 mark so that there is no concrete number, making it more difficult for us to analyse. Did you also like on those accounts during the ban with automation? or only in the app?


@Timj Thanks! It’s my only account that I’ve had since like the beginning of time, so I’m very relieved. I only did likes through the Instagram mobile app and turned off all actions from the bot during the ban.

That said, after I received my first ‘removing likes’ warning, I change my password and did initially restart my bot at a limit of just 200 follows a day, only to receive the follow ban a handful of days later.


Thanks for that info. It is just a waiting game for me right now.


I started manually unfollowing people and the ban IS GONE… for now. I’ll try activating my bot again to see if I get banned again :sailboat:


As I was calm 2 weeks, I’m getting nervous.
I did everything in my power to unlock my account and then nothing :frowning:
Proxy change.
Settings from other members as well as yours.
Change of bot.
Restoring the account and clearing the cookie
Limits- 50 follow-the-day gives just that and then a block
one more option I did not try yesterday with settings from @TradeKozy
because today the topic has been hidden.
Slowly, people from the forum write a little, and it seems to me that the other works only not me.
Stupid paranoy in the head although I am an experienced player in this business but slowly nerves go :frowning:
I do everything in my power, even the programmer came and checks everything in the system.


@Arthuditu How much time is your account blocked?


and you are below 6k follows for the last 30 days?
All of my below 6k accounts can follow again. All above 6k cannot and will have to wait afew days more.
I am running 150 accounts all for m/s method.

By the way is anybody using more than the 200/day follows?


Two weeks :frowning:
I sent a private message to you :slight_smile:


We are in the same boat here. Lets just wait and hope for the best :grin:


I know the worst thing is that I have already spent 2000 $ repairing etc and then nothing.
In addition, I do not sit like most and only read and wait for a solution, but I spend daily at analyzing, checking, learning at least 10 hours.
It will be a plus because I learned a lot for all forums and I have accumulated a lot of additional knowledge for which I thank everyone with all my heart :slight_smile:
The most annoying thing is when I see someone write it, “everything works normally for me” normally wrrrrr: D hahaha
What is the most important, I love this community :slight_smile:


Sometimes less is more, keep calm. Logging into a different devices (changing bot), changing proxy (ip location changes), clearing cookies (loses all web history).

This isn’t going to help your situation it will just make Instagram AI look at your acct even more.