Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


I am doing 175-225, and some 150 - 250 for my unblock accounts. Some of them been running for few days. Seems to be fine for now.


Wait for a solution that may also not come :frowning:
I will try again. The most important thing is that I also draw a lot of important knowledge from it that will be useful :slight_smile:


Hello @Arthuditu I don’t want to make you false hopes but from what I see and read most followblocks get lifted when the sum of follows in the last 30 days is around 6000. As you said you did 400-500 follows a day - there is more time needed ( did not do the math) I suggest waiting it out and don‘t change too much as it will not help lifting the block.


Not sure if this helps, but I’ve had some of my lower action accounts block lifted today. We run about 300 accounts currently which all did an average between 400 and 700 monthly follows.

It seems the accounts running on that amount are still blocked, but a smaller majority of the accounts that were running on lower actions between 200-400 that were also hit on the 4rd did get their block lifted earlier today, supporting the monthly cap theory.

Kind regards!


Long time lurker here. Why no one talks about LIKE BAN? We were liking 80/hour before and following 60/hour. Now we can’t do Following as everybody knows. But we can’t like anything. We were liking 800/day before but now even not a single one for days. How many likes can you guys do in a day?


Hi guys, I’ve been following for a long time and first time posting.

I’m starting to think this 6000/30 theory has merits. While I can’t say this is for certain with these numbers, the accounts I have that are following 1000+ a day for the past months are all blocked and they all have over 6000 follows over the past 30 days.

The ones that are following 200/day with less than 6000 follows over past 30 days are working just fine. I haven’t changed any proxies, I haven’t done anything different but wait.

I’ve let my >6000 accounts continue to run and they will hit 6000 at some point within 30 days and we will see if that ends up getting the block.

My biggest question is that if we can only follow ~6000 a month… how will that affect this thing we do and how do we move forward?


Welcome haha. IMO, I think the same new rolling limits could have been applied to likes just as they were to follows. But perhaps we were following more aggressively than liking? Perhaps the threshold is higher for automated like actions than is is for follows?

I am a sample of only one, but I can say I was only running follows and so was able to like posts liberally right throughout my follow ban (which lifted today).


Thank u very much. I done both at the same time and dont got problems in the past. The think is there will be more problems and things we need to change besides of this. I also think the rumors about a monthly limit can be real. :frowning:


What is the calculation/formula for determining number of days remaining until the account falls under 6000/30 threshold?


Bearing in mind the 6k limit has proven to be dynamic across those in the forum (higher for some, lower for others; ~5400 for me), but certainly a rolling limit of some description indeed appears to exists.

Jarvee and most services let you view how many actions have been performed over a certain period. This post by @adolfousier earlier shows you how to do it in Jarvee.


Thanks. I understand how to extract the numbers of followers over the period with Jarvee, however I wanted to clarify my calculation.

On one of my clients’ accounts, we followed 16890 users from 5/5/2019 - 6/4/2019 (30 day period as there were 31 days in May). The action blocked occurred as of 6/5/2019 (no follows were able to be made that day).

So the average follows p/day was 563 and per the 6000/30 rule, the total was 10890 over the threshold.

Is the calculation 10890/563 = 19 days correct?

And therefore, based on your findings and echoed by others on the forum, an unblock date of around the 24th June could be expected?


Hey guys can you follow me? :joy::joy::joy: jkjk a bit of humor does not harm anyone, still blocked and moving slowly to day nr. 9.

I was thinking to try changing password and logging out of any services (bots) connected to my account and see if that helps without logging back in, have anyone tried that already?

Idk but i have this weird feeling that it might work, anyways my insta is really fine, i get lots of likes, i can use DMs, post photos, liking or comenting. Just blocked when i try to follow someone.


Do you have any rough estimation for like limits? like 12.000 LIKES in the last 30 days? I thought likes would have way higher limits but looks like I am wrong. Maybe it is all because of Data Center Proxies. Do you guys know any good Residential Proxy providers?


LIKE BAN (@danwim)

any of you have experienced a like ban? Because I believe that there’s a limit on this one too.

Before being blocked in Jun 5 for follow action, lifted in Jun 6, instant blocked, lifted in Jun 7, instant blocked again, I was blocked from like actions too, and apparently always in a time frame of 30 days.

The first one in April 19 (7658 likes) lifted within 24 hour
The second one in May 23 (7400 likes) this ban was strange, because it didn’t last 24 hours, just few hours so the same day was lifted.


How many accounts would you recommend per raw mobile proxy during these follow blocks? Or any other safe recommendations on proxies ? Thanks guys.


The strange thing is that I have a client who has already passed the 6000 limit and does 300-400 daily, but that’s just one such case.
The next case is a new client who never bothered to use and after 30 actions block immediately.
Maybe the proxy’s fault, I will change to mobile now :slight_smile: Maybe someone will recommend some good mobile proxy?
I wonder if limit 6000 only applies to follow or unfollow as well.
Can you 3000 follow and 3000 unfollow or 6000 follow and 6000 unfollow.
And whether all other shares also do not count against this limit.
The next thing is reviewing reddit and a lot of people have a lot of different errors from IG and more and more topics related to IG errors.
I also remember how recently the situation with the stars that observers went, etc.
Instagram then gave the information and now there is no info.


Can someone recommend any good site with 4G proxies? I was using DC proxies but it seems to be wrong. The price is about 3$ for one proxy (I was using 3acc/1proxy). But 4G proxies are more expensive. How much do you charge for one acc in automation?


I’m using this: AVERAGE(SUM(B1:B30)).

1.6.2019 700 21000
2.6.2019 700 21000
3.6.2019 700 21000
4.6.2019 700 21000
5.6.2019 0 20300
6.6.2019 0 19600
7.6.2019 0 18900
8.6.2019 0 18200
9.6.2019 0 17500
10.6.2019 0 16800
11.6.2019 0 16100
12.6.2019 0 15400
13.6.2019 0 14700
14.6.2019 0 14000
15.6.2019 0 13300
16.6.2019 0 12600
17.6.2019 0 11900
18.6.2019 0 11200
19.6.2019 0 10500
20.6.2019 0 9800
21.6.2019 0 9100
22.6.2019 0 8400
23.6.2019 0 7700
24.6.2019 0 7000
25.6.2019 0 6300
26.6.2019 0 5600


Yeah, following this, I’m most interested mobile/4g proxies that are US based


I also connect to the question