Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


I don’t think the eventual 6k follow limit share the unfollows. I was doing 7605 per month and when I’ve been blocked for three times, unfollow action have never been affected and they were 8100


Wow how do you guys manage to do so many likes. From my experience like is way easier to get block compared to follow.

Do you use like separately or you use like after follow?


2 accounts back today and I’ve not stopped any activities on both accounts since the follow block wave(just for testing).

Both of them is down below the 6000/30 days now (12th June 2019), one with 5738/30 other with 5755/30.

Is good to remember that I do not start to follow people right after the block release, I wait at least 24-48h and come back extremely slow.

Print screens later on.


Yes I think your calculations are correct @robksn formula for your calculation could maybe be:

(Follows in the last 30 days - 6000) /Avg. Follows per Day -> Estimated days until FB lifts


Instagram bot software developers admit that the new monthly limit for follow function is 6000:

All my client accounts below 6000/30 are getting unblocked every day. A week ago 75% of my accounts were blocked, now it’s less than half of that.

Be patient. Then focus on quality of sources, instead of quantity of follows.


Indeed, focus on sales not on numbers.


What system do you use? The one from that side what did you give?


we are talking about between 20 and 30 likes per hour


I am using both kind of bots - those ones based on mobile API (like Jarvee, FollowLiker) and those ones based on WEB API. The new follow limit is the same for everyone - even normal people which do not use automation.


This feels permenent right now, I’m in disbelief everytme I check and every account is still blocked…


I don’t use the F/UF method so I’m not affected by the block. However today something very strange happend with one of my test accounts. I use this account to study and experiment around the explore page. The account is in the Fortnite niche I only followed manually other accounts (less than 50)that post only fortnite material and gave them likes and comments. Everytime I see a post not related to fortnite in my feed or explore page I click on “show me fewer posts like this” after few days of this warming up my feed and explore page only contained Fortnite related posts. However today my explore feed on Desktop started showing only travel related posts not a single fortnite posts even stranger the mobile explore page did not change. Usually explore page between mobile and desktop is quite similar. What’s interesting is that I have another account in the travel niche that uses the same IP address.

I think Instagram is going through some heavy algorithm updates that’s causing all this mess and since they rely on machine learning I think even the Devs don’t understand what’s going on…


So 2 other accounts back to work right now, 4 today and all of them down 6000/30.


Does anyone got problem when someone tag you in a Story or by sending DM when you answer to a story?


I feel ya… 8 days now…


Any suggestions in finding sources that will give the highest followback ratio?


@billie_newland same I’m not experiancing any unblocks, I guess my clients were just that far over the limit? One girl hasn’t been able to follow for almost 2 months now, she’s been completely off any sort of system, still nothing.


This seems right and then those re-blocked accounts cleared within 24 hours again. SO have to warm back up slowly.


What would be good to know, if other actions count negatively towards the overall usage. For example, I’d like to continue posting pictures. Do I let the accounts sleep or is that okay to do? (Considering they have a follow block.)


Also I have to believe with less overall following happening now each follow will work better. Might not change the overall picture a ton.


Up to 200 per day, still going good