Instagram mother slave method

Hello everyone I’ve heard lots about this method and I was wondering if anyone is offering this service?



@dma0245 is a very reputable member here and offers this service. As a new member you don’t have access to the marketplace yet but maybe you can send him a private message.


Ah okay thanks. Yeah I couldn’t seem to find the marketplace

Why dont you try by yourself first?
Just make 10 account for testing.
do F/U with targeted account.
And give them DM after they follow you that inform to follow your main account.
See the result after a few day.


Mother / Child

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Couple of my accounts got banned already. I don’t mind paying someone reputable for the service as long as they can produce results.

how much child account that you need actually?

is this really it???

Start off with around 50 and if the results are solid well then I’m hoping to do more.

Yes that’s the mother child method

If I were you, I would start testing with a few accounts. Try to bot them, understand the process. Even if you are going to purchase a large amount of accounts, I would advice you to test the limits by yourself, see what you can achieve.

It’s not that hard nor expensive as you may think. If you are a newbie in the automation world, you will pay 1$ Max. Per month per account.

And if after all this process you still want to purchase the packages offered by the masters, they Will really appreciate that you know what you can expect with this service.


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I love mother slave :+1:

@cacats Very well said my friend, you resumed it :ok_hand:

Not too difficult to give it a try yourself mate, and this forum is here when you run into problems


I’ve seen this topic come up a lot and I know it’s been around for while but i am curious to know how many child’s would you need to make it work to provide any sort of impact.

Say I do it for a company and they want me to message 1000 targets a day, that’s 17 accounts.

1000 messages a day with only 17 slaves in this day and age of IG. Come on now. If you’ve experience with it you know that’s 1. hardly possible 2. you will always target unwanted people 3. those you want to target have to want to follow you before messaging, if not you’ll get banned pretty soon.

I’m kind of confused with you calculations.

But prove me wrong. Eager to see a screenshot with 17 childs and 1000 messages/day

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It database driven, No one gets targeted twice and the targets are acquired not through Jarvee or API, but using a hand built scraper using igs own AI. I’m running my stuff and a few other companies.

S = Slave T = Target Scraper.

This is my 12x60 and my next project is going to be 20.

Who can’t send 60 DM’S a day :thinking:

60 Dm’s is already pretty steep to not get blocked. Your targets (200max with the 6k in mind) would have to be spot on since about 1/3 would have to follow you back to be able to send 60dms to new followers. Or am i missing something here?

But congrats if so :call_me_hand:

We had this discussion the other day people sending over 110 a day, I’ve never gone over 110.

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