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I received this message after I been asked for security check. Mine is clothing business and not sure why it happened. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Means you’ve been a bad boy and you have 50/50 chance of getting your account banned. It’s a new way of IG showing you they know and giving you an extra 24hrs to panic sweat it till it’s possibly banned. No joke, Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


This issue is now maybe being discussed on at least two different topics.
Most likely your account will be banned as based on what I have experienced and read, its what happens.

I don’t understand. It is just clothing business and all my posts are about clothes. What could go wrong I am still unsure

Did you do any abnormal behaviour at all? Mass liking/commenting, manual F/UF more than just a few dozen, connected to bots, story viewing/voting, … just to name a few? Just anything you know IG wouldnt like. Be honest with yourself and you’ll probably find your answer. @Pavani_K


I am not sure about all these trust me.

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I dont understand what you’re saying but anyhow. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I meant I don’t even know all those things you listed that Instagram maynot like.

It happened because they check if you the owner. Maybe someone tried to log in to your account. Good luck


Thank you! I will keep posted

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Wish you the best :+1:

Bro I deadass don’t know if ur kidding or not LMAO


So you did not use any automation, just manual actions on your phone?

I get that when i change the device id one of my account, no automation since account creation and 24 hours after the notification : banned

No automation at all sir

You account is gone. This only mean they will disable your account in 24h…

IG is making things really tough.

Yes it’s disabled and I have been asked to send Hand written confirmation code With my picture. Can anyone tell what will happen next?

well thats good news. You will get your account back. you can get the photo yourself and send it, or I would suggest go to fiver and post the job. someone from 3rd world country will do that for a cheap price and you will keep your face out of IG

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I sent my picture with the instructions. Not sure how long will it take to get my account back. Someone suggested to keep appealing for like 5-6 times. I did only once