Is Anyone doing LinkedIn over here?

Hi MPSocial,

I’ve been focusing solely on LinkedIn Automation for the past 3 years.

Running ~500 accs, doing B2B Lead Gen mostly via outreach.

I was curious to see if more people are doing this, and if so, I think it would be great if we could share some info.

Since LinkedIn is much more inactive than IG / FB / Twitter - it’s much safer for us to trade strategies and learn from one another since the market is really unsaturated.

That said, if you’re also doing LinkedIn, newbie or advanced, don’t be shy and leave a comment

Let’s get this party started!


Yes, LinkedIn has been good for B2B and high quality posts.
I’ve run 10 accounts with JV and just visiting profiles, likes and endorsement based on sales navigator leads.
Gets the DMs rollin…
Do you use any sales navigatior data?


That’s a great strategy to stay safe.

Do you find better results from endorsements compared to likes?

You should also try reposting - that’s my best way of getting noticed.

I use only Sales Navi data and feed it to the regular accs, as it’s much more accurate than the typical Linkedin search.

Slide in my DM, I’ve been automating for a while, maybe nice to share experiences!

With MP/JV? Or something else?

Yup and more profitable that Instgram madness. DM you

Yup - definitely

Interesting, may I know where do you buy old accounts and how much they cost?

I create them myself using VAs.

Any working Linkedin smmm panel?

I am using Linkedin for automation, unfortunatly the embbeded browser of Jarvee/SU is not the best for Linkedin automation, there are too many problems with loading messages, doing actions. actually, the browser stops and blocked many many times. Linkedin is behind of the other social platforms in the vision of jarvee/su creators, few updates

I am about to start for my personal Account. I currently have over 27K follows in my niche and would like to grow that to 100k. I have LinkedIn Sales Navigator so can create targeted search lists as well. I post content relevant to my niche about 5 days a week, so creating content is not a problem. I now need to create a specific strategy to gain follows. MP is my tool of choice to do this.

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