Is Hashtag Research still a thing?

Been away for a few years… Are you still listing 30 hashtags in the first comment?
How are you doing hashtag research now? Assuming there are better tools/strategies now? I read somewhere fewer and fewer are using hashtags as a strategy now.

Thanks for the input!

IG users are still using hashtags and lots of users report great success while others are frustrated by the lack of results.

Yes, 30 hashtags is still the limit but in my opinion you should stick to less as to not be spammy and you should choose closely related hashtags that are not too popular/crowded. Posting in the comments vs caption appears to not have much impact, and some users reportedly recommend adding them in the comments about 10 minutes after posting.

I’ve built a free tool that brings hashtag research down to minutes.


10 mins after posting? :thinking:

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I think hashtags are still useful in the platform

Hashtags are still very important. However, you have to use them wisely and not make your account look spammy.

Using targeted and relevant hashtags will help you to get discovered faster and for sure you will see higher engagement than you would if you didn’t use any hashtags or if you would use just any random general hashtags. I also noticed that more and more IG users are using IG as a search engine.

So definitely, hashtag research is still a thing. :slight_smile: You can use Jarvee Users and Hashtags tool to make your research and life easier. :slight_smile: This is the only tool I use for hashtags research.

Could you describe please how did you reach to that conclusion? Where is your data coming from? how do you track users activities on the platform? Cheers.


Good question :slight_smile: I read about it lately on multiple social media marketing related blogs. IG users searching for products or services on IG itself more and more… even I caught myself doing so, searching for different kind of items on IG instead on google, which I could never imagine doing before. People probably trust it more cause they can see reviews of items directly in post comments.

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there importance never went away and today – they are critical for some accounts success. There are many, I mean many accounts in almost any area. But remember, hashtags don’t improve followers, they just improve reach. It is the account and the content that will get the followers.


They aren’t critical for me, they only slightly increase engagement. But the added follower gain from them is nice

Agree 100%. Yesterday, I was tired of not getting hashtag reach and used 28 tags. Expectedly, I got barely any hashtag reach. Today I used 7 and I finally got some reach. I wonder what the new ideal number of hashtags is, if it’s not specific to each account. I would guess 10 or less, but I’d like to hear others’ thoughts?

I forgot to add… I manually typed in hashtags around the 5 min mark when I posted. I wonder if that’s the key component


Got hashtag reach again. I’m fairly certain that manually typing in hashtags in the first comment after you post significantly helps hashtag reach (in addition to getting engagement from your followers). Let’s see if it works again

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Do you believe it´s diferent typing manually instead of copy paste them?

Yes, I wasn’t getting any reach until I specifically started typing them in manually (past few weeks at least)

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Interesting… I will try that

But the main difference with what you are doing now is that you are adding them to the comments instead of the caption, right? Or were you adding them to the comments before?

Before I was copy and pasting them to the first comment @Dave_Gee

Typing or pasting doesn’t make any difference on how the comment is sent to instagram.
Also when you type and you get suggestions for hasthags or accounts IG only record those entries just to show you similar suggestions later.

It has for me, but I don’t know if it will for others. Other people should do what’s best for them

What you are experiencing has nothing to do with typing, pasting or whatever way to add text to the field you use :wink: trust me.
Just take a look at the network traffic and you will see it clearly, this are facts.
Why you have more reach is other story :slight_smile:

Update: Got hashtag reach AGAIN by manually typing in hashtags in first caption instead of copy and pasting into caption. What I should do is test by copy pasting again, but I don’t want to ruin a good thing…

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