Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


Down on Mars. Yesterday everything was fine, weird.


Instagram is down, as usual Mark fucks things up, won’t reach my daily earning goal today, I guess I will have to go back to hi5 marketing.


Only 13 accounts banned … Not too bad :sunglasses:


In Spain he is dead


Do you turn off or make stop youre accounts for now?


This is definitely the longest IG has been down. I don’t think it’s an update or new roll out.


Better not touch anything at all


So you did not stop?


Jokes apart, can anyone please discuss if we should stop performing actions on Instagram till its back on?


So 30-50 % of my accounts are on action block but if i check the EB they cant load anything. Is this something that Jarvee cant read well and showing Action block?


Can confirm, huge amount of action blocks on very clean accounts


It does not keep everything active, but customers screaming


Both IG and Whatsapp are experiencing issues. Mark is trying to merge all messaging tools into a single wechat-like experience, I’m betting we’re seeing issues from that.


I thought it was down ?


has been down for too much now… AAA grade app cant do this


Inside info! will be redirected to!!!

Do we have some singers here??? @wortime you??? Make some videos now!


I like the imagination :grin:


no problems, still using instagram app no issues at all. they are updating their servers and algorithm due to those indonesian guys, dont worry guys :wink:


its down here


down af here, boring to use