Is this the answer to IG HQ Accounts?

Creation Via Instagram App

Connection with Facebook Page

PV via whatsapp number.

Is this a valid method to avoid all problems? SomeOne Tried it?


Hello, and welcome : )

May I ask which problems you would like to avoid?


Thank you for fast reply.

The low instagram trust-score.


Creating the account through the app is a good idea while entering the phone number without Instagram asking you is not necessary and not very human like. You can connect it with facebook, but its time consuming when you do it for every account. Another option which is doing pretty much the same for the trust score is to make the profile to a business profile. It’s increasing the trust score because its only possible through the Instagram app. Meanwhile you dont need a Facebook Page connected anymore to make it a business one.


Have not tried it on my own. But maybe one of the more experienced users knows more. I can just tell you that the creation process is just one part. As far as I know your trust score also depends on what you do on your acount and how you do it.


Thank you @roy for the approfondite reply.
So, your advice is to conver the profile to business ones?

About @kripke, after the creation process, the ig accounts rest for 12/24 hours so we check if it’s all ok w/ proxies and after start with smooth increasing follow / unfollow / like comments / storyviewving / post viral content with spintax.

Don’t understand why some profiles get blocks after some actions, while others nope.

Actually testing all 1:1 with dc virgin, ipv6 db, ipv6 residential, 4g mobile proxies.


How are you creating the accounts?

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You also want to ensure you only ever create one account per IP. I don’t typically create via the App myself but I think you need to root your device and install some sort of device ID spoofing app as well to truly be effective…otherwise IG will eventually slam all your accounts being created on the same ID footprint.


Via Android Emulator.

Yes, read the guide about creating accounts via App Cloning and mask of ID footprint. Very interesting.

An emulator? I don’t know if those are even feasible to use anymore. Tread extremely carefully.


Maybe this helps you Virtual android on pc I guess the creation is part of your problem.


We don’t create accounts ourselves, we buy them from an high quality source that create them for us on 4g mobile proxy and android emulator, 1 account per IP.
Usually, names are original without dots and any special “_”, bio looks natural, and good % of accounts doesn’t get PV.
On last 50 accounts, get 10 PV in the last 5 days of warming.
No second PV.


Great tips! I would also like to add up my personal advice on having accounts with high trust score. Here you go:

  1. report a spam account
  2. watch some ads
  3. watch explore/igtv popular feeds
  4. check out highlights
    real users do those, bots - don’t.

Hello @pow,
thank you for great advises.

Would like to ask you if is it possible to only “explore” and watch “trending” igtv via jarvee? Does anyone experimented?

And what do you mean exactly for " Highlights "?

Thank you all guys.

i don’t think so, unless someone has an answer to this.
story highlights

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@pow maybe we could scrapp igtv top usernames’ per niche and automated their views.

Id add to this list, make some conversations on DM, “even fake”


do you mean some spintax reply for followers stories?

I add more:

  1. Use filters on the images (bots don’t do this)
  2. Don’t post on specific days/timings (most of the time bots do this)
  3. 42% of the users likes only few posts per day (bots = usually hundreds)
  4. 92% of people usually don’t use more than 5 hashtags in the caption

if you really deep into that…lol