Join our LinkedIn Marketing Group now! Let's make money on LinkedIn together!



I’m very interested too !

I’m doing a lot of tests with linkedin + MP right now :upside_down_face:


All invites sent. Please DM if it’s not working We have over 30 members now!


Add me too! Thank you!


Sent you the invite link. If anyone has an invalid invite link, please DM me and I’ll give you a new one.


I would like to be a member. Thank you.


Add me as well please, thank you!


I would like to be a member. Please send me an invite
I have already started doing this and hope I can learn and also help others.
Thank you


Interesting, I would also like to join.


Absolutely interested - would love to join.


Count me in :+1:


PM sent - looking to join. Thanks!


Add me in chief :smiley:


I would also be happy to join you


Been studying LinkedIn in the recent past and I have noticed for sure there’s a ton of money to be made over there.
I would love to be part of that group for sure. Send me the invite link please.


All invited. If you still need invite, send me DM

We have nearly 40 members! Hurry join before it’s too late


Count me in. I’d love to actively participate.


I’d like to join and contribute as well! :grinning:


I have and manage about 80 LInkedin Accounts. Would love to join this group and contribute!


I would love to try this out, how do I get in… and I know nothing of linkedin hahahahahahaha


add me :grinning: