(Journey) TikTok Growth - Goal 150k by the end of 2022

Intro & Goals

Hey everybody! In this Thread, I’m going to share my Journey from starting with TikTok from 0 and growing it to 150k by the end of 2022.
I’m doing this for 2 Reasons:

  1. To keep myself accountable
  2. So you can read this in the future as a reference & see the struggles I went through and how I solved them

But let me tell you about my…

I run an Info Business & after talking to some people they told me I need to get on TikTok as it’s literally easy to get a ton of leads from there I started a TikTok Account a couple of weeks ago & my first few videos were terrible and didn’t get a lot of engagement (200-6000 views) then I stopped being consistent and the other videos got about 50-200 Views.
That’s why I’m creating a new account in the same niche and focus heavily on making those first 5-10 Videos really good because I’ve heard that this is one of the most important aspects in getting account authority (I’ve heard).
What I also missed is warming up the account properly / appear like a real human. Since I don’t want to end up like some people on the app that uploaded 100’s of videos and ended up getting 0 Views I start the new account and retry

Here’s my initial gameplan:
US Sim Card - This worked to get mainly US Views on the Current/Old account so I’m gonna stick to it

Warming up the account - Following, liking & commenting other creators posts in my niche for 1-2 days

Posts - 2-4x a day recreating Videos that worked for other people in my niche with my own Twist

Based on what I see working I will double down.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I will try to update it once every 1 to 2 Weeks


Following your Journey, Excited for your next updates, good luck!

good luck on the journey

What do you mean by your own Twist? You’ll just edit them a bit? All the work will be done manually?

I wish you all the best :slight_smile:

I put my face in front of the camera and basically redo all the content with myself on it

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Okay time for the first Update. The second day of uploading is now done and here’s what happened:

-Uploaded 6 Videos

  • 1 Failed Terribly (12 Views)
  • 4 Went okayish (200-500 Views)
    -2 Worked well (1,000+ Views)

Followers: 104 / Likes: 860

Still working to upload a Video that pops but I’m still happy with the progress

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lets go! following

2nd Update (hope I will stay that consistent haha)

Kept uploading 2 videos every single day, the most views I got were 2500 but I’m now at 200 followers which sounds good to me

So do u live in us? Or with proxy

Can you please provide us with more info:

  1. Do you live in US? If not, how did you manage to get yourself a US sim card.
  2. What device do you use? Android/iPhone or simply using the browser?
  3. Not exactly a question, but every time I create a new tiktok account, no matter what device I use, or how good the proxy quality it is, even 4G, I always get 0 views on my uploads. It’s driving me nuts.
    Any tips on how you bypassed this?
  1. I don’t live in the US, I’m living in Europe, and I simply ordered a US Sim Card from Amazon, I didn’t even activate it, it’s just the physical card in my phone. I choose one from AT&T and paid a bit more to make sure it’s really from the US and not just some traveler SIM Card.

  2. I’m using an iPhone XS.

  3. Don’t use a proxy or VPN. One of my friends tried NordVPN but he got 0 views on all the videos as well because TikTok detects it.

Based on my experience getting 0 Views can have multiple reasons:
-You didn’t warm up the Account properly meaning before you post, interact with accounts in your niche, follow them etc. until your fyp is filled with content from your niche
-Using VPN’s & trying to hide something from TikTok
-Creating too many accounts form 1 device


Thank you, I will check for those from now on!

This will be interesting
I will follow your progress

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Cool, good luck! :slight_smile: