Just got blocked doing it Manually for clients. Anyone else?

So last few days i have been doing the follow and unfollow manually for clients and everything has been going good. Today all of a sudden every single account i was doing it for got blocked at same time along with account compromised.

Happen to anyone else? this is crazy!!! cant even do it manually from the phone now? is it because i was doing too many accounts? only like 15. any way around this?


yes same with me. get block for all accpunt in the same time.

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yup same!! how can we overcome this? crazy!!!

yeah the same here , after doing 10-15 follows manually i got blocked but no AC message .

on multiple client accounts too at the same time?

i don’t do CM , i got it on my child accounts

this is interesting because i do some tests today for 2 accounts
i try to get the accounts block
and i do 3000 follow action (it only counts 300)
and after 2 hours i do 300 more and no block
but i only do follow action !


how to overcome this? this is next level messed up! cant even do it manually for clients now? man they stopping everything!

people are getting blocks for not even doing actions, instagram algo is pretty missedup. Jut check the actions you were doing and try to make it more like human activitie. By following manually it doesn’t mean you can follow 15 in row add time gape between every follow or like.

my friend i do some tests today with 2 accounts
you can do alot more
100+ in fast time no stop no delay


the thing is all accounts i was manually doing it for got stopped at the SAME TIME, even new accounts i had just started. Its like they blocked my phone address or wtv.

Yeah, sounds more like your IP got blocked.

Try using your laptop browser, but same IP.

yea my ip got blocked on my phone! thats crazy! it will probably end up being same thing from laptop if doing a dozen accounts or more.

well, if you try on your laptop browser or on a friends phone but using same IP, then you’ll know

You were doing it manually for 15 accounts, correct? How many accounts per phone? Did you logon / logoff all 15 using 1 phone or do you have a different phone for each account? Did the phone connect via WiFi or mobile ?

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yes same phone for all accounts and via private wifi

how many accounts per phone?

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it was about 10-12

yes that could be it maybe ?!

ah thats a pretty big number i will never try to handle 10-12 accounts per phone we are doing max 1-2 accounts per phone