Be good to one another, strive to become a leader


We need to find a way to forgive and forget. The only way we all survive together is that we stick together and continue to help each other out.

Sure, everyone may not like each other, but all need each other in some way. For the good of everyone, please, let’s all move past what ever quarrels there might may or may not be.



@dma0245 huuuh? Am not defending anybody here.

Just am referring to things that everybody can read. And by this I am referring to that he openly admitted his weak points… (maybe not all but quite many compared to other people --> and with others I totally do NOT mean you).

And as you can see by the manyfold of the reactions… people seem to love him (whether for good reason, no reason or bad reason). For some he was a father like figure. And you like your father normally no matter what…

EDIT: if he behaves like an idiot in parts we don’t have access to… then why not clarifying the things at the point where they happen…? I guess I have some understanding of your pain but it will not help you if you make “private” things public. When you point at someone … three fingers always point at you (your own) no matter how much reason or how right you may be. Not fair in any way but that’s the way life tragically is


Love that man @wortime Since the inception of the forum he was leading the way helping everyone. You’re a big part of my success. Thank you for everything you’ve brought to the table!


@Larsometer @synch

Let’s keep this thread about wortime and the topic he started.

There is a lot that goes on in the higher sections of the forum that is at wortime’s own discretion to share or not.

Wortime has made it clear that he is leaving (whatever that actually means) by his own choice.


Honestly, everyone attacking Danny without knowing the full story is not doing anyone any favors. So how about we all get back to work and actually start making something happen instead of crying about people who we only know a tiny bit about.

@Larsometer and you just keep on coming back for more. You’re the guy who made this continue again with your “awesome” thread especially for this topic. Well done.


Public Announcement:

Everyone is of course free to continue talking about wortime here, but if it turns into shit posting, thread is going down.


what did i miss?


a bad quality drama movie .


Let’s stop this drama and get all back to business. Stop spreading negativity about each others. Peace.


Care to explain?


Just read… A good quality drama has a happy end. Maybe it will come. Would be a happy surprise for all of us.


I’ve read it, all I can make out is that wortime is leaving and dma is involved. Need details :joy:


Better don’t ask. I deeply hope that the leaders are getting it solved among each other. Maybe it has nothing to do with @dma0245 . As long as there is no evidence for nothing… no one knows.

But for sure it is a big drama.


Contrary to the popular belief, there is no big drama.

We are all grown ups so what people decide to do or not do is entirely up to their own free will.

Also contrary to popular belief, “leaders” are not admins and we do have to abide by the same forum rules as everyone else. We answer to the same admins.


Hmmm maybe different perceptions here on what is a drama… Two people before me called it a drama… And looking at the history of the thread it is a long story with ups and down (commonly called a “drama” --> in Greek the word drama is basically a comedy in 5 acts… not counted how many we have here).

EDIT: of course not my cup of tea to give it the proper wording everyone could live with


People can call things whatever they want, no problem on my end.

However, the thread was going pretty narrowly in the “don’t leave wortime, we need you” direction until you chimed in to pick a bone with dma0245, voluntarily or not.

So, asking you for a 2nd time in this thread, keep it on point.

This above is just feeding the fire for people who are not gonna read the whole thread.


Honestly @Larsometer please just stop. You think you’re helping but you’re not. Just keep quite. You’re not involved so don’t keep on trying to solve this - because you can’t, you don’t even know what’s going on. So just don’t say anything and let them figure it out.


Sorry to hear and read the above my digital brother, just one thing to say -


as long as nobody explains what is going on this thread is pretty much useless, no possibilities to discuss anything if no one knows what’S going on :smile: