[Liking strategy] Manual M/S for Personal Account (non-repost)

And what u advise like, you are running fitness niche and maybe you are using fitness niche pictures for slaves (Maybe fit girls).

For ex. for Food niche should I take food-related profile pic or some attractive ones (Still fit girls :cowboy_hat_face:)

Imagine if you were someone interested in food and an account likes your post. You go to check it out. What pic would make you want to click on the profile? Whatever it is, use that.

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Ofc Food.

But i was on this point.

If you make account private profile picture is not that big to get recognised easily need some catchy pic. Just wandered.

Thanks :heart:

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Aaand one more question (sorry forgot) nicknames of slaves are related to niche or random (like personal nickname etc.)

Nice strategy :slight_smile: I’ll be testing this out on my slaves for my personal

Choose nicknames that are unrelated to main. It can look spammy otherwise, like this account

What is the point for content on slaves if you are a) private and b) trying to route them to your mother account via bio?

thanks @tripleyourtribe :smile:
@InstaZeus I tag the main in the bio of the slaves and in every post. I like to put the main account 3x in the post caption. I like to have the slaves on private to encourage people to read and click on the main account in the bio


Just checked that insane M/S :smiley: over 100 acc I think lul

Gotcha, I guess then the posts captions are for people who followed but did not follow via bio

Right. Once a month, I’ll go back and like the posts of people who like the posts of my slaves as well. As you can imagine, virtually everyone you like will follow

Powerlifter you star!

Interesting about going private with the slaves - I’ll try that out next.

For anyone wondering, I managed just shy of 150 likes in my last 20 minute session, all manual. By my reckoning, 30-40% were private or unrelated accounts that I didn’t bother liking. Do that two or three times a day and you reach 180 to 300 accounts per slave.

Secret sauce right there.


For sure! :joy:

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Thanks for clarifying things out @Powerlifter your method was scattered throught multiple posts and it was hard to keep up with all the details. Cheers mate :clap:

I managed to automate this a little from my PC. Looking forward for some results and will post here.

This is what I’m scared of too. It’s a tiring process when doing it manualy, but if we see returns it’s worth it in the end.

If the first post of the target is a recent post (less than 24h), chances are that you will show up in his activity log on a list along with other recent likers of the same post so it will be hard for the person to spot you there, but what if we like the 2nd or 3rd post of the target (which is an older post), it will show as a new line under the Activity tab on his account, hence putting you account on a separate line, a more visible line. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks brother :+1:t3:

That’s fine too. Most people I’m targeting don’t post daily (but are active likers)

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That’s a really cool strategy, wondering if it would work with automation :thinking:

@Winds it would if you could avoid getting like blocks. I dabbled with it last year, but I would need a lot more slaves to get results

@zaazuna I came across a slave account from @fuckjerry’s comment section. It’s a simple sex account, but it really directs you to the main.

I prefer to have my slaves be able to grow organically, but this approach is valid too

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Haha, that’s insane :sweat_smile:

It looks so spammy.

And there is a point also, if your slave is not spammy like this it will grow also and may become mother.
Recently met some 100k slave accounts in luxury home niche.