LinkedIn Accounts Keep Logging Out


I have been running LinkedIn accounts for client since few time now on jarvee. I recently observed that the accounts are logging out frequently

Do you have any ideas why this happen?


make sure that the following option is checked then see if the issue persists.

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I’m having this same issue. That option is checked yet still keep getting logged out after one operation.

Are you logged in to the account and use it on another device? If so, you should log out of the account on that device and only do actions via Jarvee,

Ok, yea I think the client stays logged in but she only does activity opposite the time when im doing actions.

I would suggest you ask your client to log out of his account whenever he finishes doing actions on his device, and make sure he doesn’t do any actions during the time the tools on that account are running.

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I noticed the same thing, LinkedIn log you out when they notice that you are doing too many actions (view profiles, connect …), they are trying to limit normal users, and they give priority to users with premium accounts to do more actions.

You test that by switching some accounts to premium and see how it goes.


Social media sites have different ‘defense mechanisms’ when patterns/botty actions are detected. For LinkedIn, it logs the account out so you might want to reduce the actions you have on your tools and see if it will persist.

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As Jessi said above, reduce the actions, but also instead of just reducing, also make them more human like.

Normal humans don’t view 10 profiles in a row, then send 10 messages to a different set of people, then go to sales navigator and scrape a search.

Another theory that I have, is the actions that don’t require loading a new page, are a bit less restricted.

Ex: It doesn’t take you to any new pages in order to click on the messaging and send a new message to someone.

However, ,every time you view someone’s profile, you load an entirely new page. On average most accounts can view only 40-50 profiles per day if the only thing the account is viewing profiles. If an account is also sending messages, birthday messages, etc, then probably only 20-30 profile views a day.