Linkedin - Auto-Like feed items

I’m trying to use the Auto-like feature for LinkedIn but I haven’t figured out which source URL to use. gives me an error.

Does anyone have suggestions?

how about ?


Is it possible to have the autolike function look for specific hashtags, and like posts from that search result only?


Yeah this would be really handy.

You can play with the search, search in posts etc. Results can be:

and use these as feed urls ?

haha, my man! Glad to see you here :slight_smile:

There was a girl that had set up an engagement pod that searched for members by keywords in their bio, for instance coffee connisour or whisky efficinado. Something like that and then auto search and like/engage with eachthers content daily. But now there are engagement pods popping up like vaynermedia linkedin group on FB and slack.

preach my dude

Thinking about creating my own LinkedIn automation platform specific to growth needs. Not sure the $$ or time needed though.

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Change the last part of this URL to add your hashtage

so replace SEO with your keyword

This doesn;t work for me, when I check the embedded browser it scrolls through for a few seconds untill it stops, but it doesnt like any content

Yes its not liking for me too? Is this feature just not working?