Linkedin Automation Expert Needed

Hey, MPsocial forum! Can anyone here do the following task?

I need to scrape a Sales Navigator Search URL, and extract the REGULAR profile URLs of the Linkedin accounts.

For example, I need to convert this:

To this:øvstrøm-pedersen-3368061

I need a way to do this by using 1 sales navigator account to scrape 500 users daily or any other alternative, that would yield a similar result CONSISTENTLY.

At the moment, you can do this by using Jarvee, but it’s not very consistent.

Do you have a solution for this?

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Change the url from /sales/people to /in

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PhantomBuster works great & their free tier should be able to accomplish what you need. If not you can keep creating new accounts for the 30 day free trial of paid tier.