LinkedIN Connector Tool

I’m having real problems with getting the connector tool to function.

So in sources it asks for keywords. I’m guessing that could be like a job title for example or industry so I could put Recruitment for example.

I add this and then get the tool going but it doesn’t do anything unfortunately.

Am I inputting the sources wrong? I literally just want my linkedin account to send a dozen or so connection requests everyday.

Having the same issue here. Anyone know the solution?

I really wish that MP would provide a user guide (or guides) for how to make LinkedIn work within MP. For the time being, we’re just left to our own guesses.

I’ve just checked within my own account and dating back to May (I’m writing this in August), MP has sent connect requests to 678 users. So I assume it’s working :slight_smile:

Maybe something is wrong with your settings or your profile? If enough people click “I don’t know this person” it can flag your account.

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