LinkedIn - Difference between dynamic ad with image vs direct sponsored post with image, same objective

Apologies if this seems a dumb question, but I have read tons of the documentation on linkedIn on this and spent time reviewing my own ads. Still can’t work it out. I have been running followers campaigns to my company page but I do not know if they have been running as dynamic ads. It doesn’t seem possible to define them as dynamic ads anywhere

On this page:
Create LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content Single Image Ad Campaigns
The 5 steps are:
Sign in and create a campaign and campaign group
Choose your advertising objective and define your audience
Create a budget, schedule, and bid
Add creatives and an optional Lead Gen Form
Review & Launch your campaign

On this page:
Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ad Campaigns, the 5 steps to create a dynamic ad campaign are identical to the 5 steps above.
Additionally, if you click on ‘Select one of the Dynamic ad formats’ AND you end up here: Dynamic Ads Overview (not allowed to post more than 2 links, sorry)
Then if you click on: ‘How to create Dynamic Ads campaigns in Campaign Manager’, you end up again back on: Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ad Campaigns (sorry not allowed to post another link on here)
It takes you round in circles.

If I create a campaign, with an image, objective engagement with a follower button, how do I know if it is direct sponsored content or a dynamic ad? There is nowhere in the set up process anywhere that mentions the option dynamic. It is only mentioned in the documentation. However, once you create a campaign and ad in campaign manager, dynamic is not mentioned anywhere.

I have spent hours going round in circles trying to work this out and I just can’t. Are they even separate things? It’s so unclear
Thanks to anyone who is able to help explain

What browser are you using?