LinkedIn email scraper?

Hello people. I have LinkedIn premium account, and I want to get all the emails from specific users. I have about 1000 urls/users in a CSV file and I don’t want to manually look for each and every email.

What will be the easiest way to get them?


I have not found a good way as of now. The two main platforms out there are LinkedHelper and Dux Soup, I was thinking about possibly creating my own but the email addresses are not listed on the front end of the service. With what I am thinking about making you can auto populate lists of contacts then upload for targeted outreach. LinkedHelper and Dux Soup do this but backwards where you manually create your targeted lists without the automation :(.

1 Like is a decent way to do it


Do this:

Put their first name, last name, and company website in an Excel doc. Save it as a .csv.

Go to Upload the .csv file to’s bulk uploader > it will find the emails and give you a % of how valid the email is.

You can verify deliverability with is free until 100 uploads. Neverbounce is cheap and worth it.


Actually, is great, too. I’m amazed they were able to get that scraped email because’s Chrome plugin used to have that capability but does not anymore.

You can use as well. They still have the chrome extension working pretty well but no file upload


Any updates on this? Any other ways of doing it?

I will put a specific LinkedIn-wide search into Google and use Data Miner to save all of the information, such as: "" “startup” “san francisco”

Would give you all the emails (Gmail) of startups in San Francisco. Then you click the data miner, and click the “X-Ray LinkedIn Search” option, and export to a CSV :slight_smile:


@dandanflood Hello mate, thanks for your nice share. Data miner is a Chome extension. Did you pay for it?

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Nope, I use it for free.

Holy shit! Nice website!

Edit: bookmarked.

Question: does it work for other platforms as well? Let’s say, Instagram.

I use dataminer for instagram hashtag research, allows me to create a csv file super quick. Highly recommended!!

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Would you mind sharing your process (search string + recipe) with us?

Yes, but the only thing I’m able to get from Instagram is emails. There isn’t a recipe to scrape usernames or First and Last name. I wish someone would create one :slight_smile:

Just search something like “[keyword]” ""

And then use the Public > “Get Emails” tab

Works for Facebook pages too


Thank you for this great tuto :wink:

guys do you know a scraper for google maps?

Data Miner is a great tool.

Actually, there are many ways to gather LinkedIn emails, for example, try web scraping services, OR a powerful web scraping tool, like Octoparse.

Icy Lead but price high