LinkedIn Groups aren't syncing

I had about 50 LinkedIn accounts active for years. With no problems so Last week I added a few hundred more. I have them joining groups and I have logged in and check to confirm groups have been joined. But when I click to sync, I see it checking the group page and scrolling the list but it never ads them to my list. I have checked settings to allow for groups to be included on the sync.

Is there other settings I should be looking for? I use MP.

Are you gettings errors while syncing? Go to the Social Profiles tab and click Actions > SYNC and wait until the SYNC operation is finished.

No errors. I’m using a fast VPS to prevent any errors. I have checked settings and I am not seeing any reason for this. I am hoping for an update to MP/Jarvee to correct this.

If you are using the Joiner tool, please check the items on the Results table if it shows JOINED and not PENDING. It would also be best to write to us about the issue and send details like the screenshots of your LinkedIn groups count on the browser, plus what it shows on the Social Profiles tab, as well as screenshots of the entire Joiner tab

I suggest that you contact the support and give the necessary information that they need so they can help you effectively.

I have sent screenshots as mentioned above. I hope they can find a solution.

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Make sure that accounts are using English Language and that your EB is maximized. See if that helps.

I have checked in settings and see that the USA flag is selected for language. I have opened my EB to full screen and let the software sync the account. Not luck fixing. I moved the software from 1 computer to another and now it wont find groups. It shows groups from before I moved the software on existing accounts but will not find groups in new accounts. It seems like there is a default setting preventing this but I can not find any setting to cause this.

Then the best thing would be to contact their support and explain the issue.

I’m having the same exact issue. Anyone able to solve this?

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Does Jarvee report any error in Dashboard > Summary after the sync operation finishes? Open the Embedded browser while the account is syncing and let us know here what happens exactly when JV is trying to sync your groups.

Open Embedded browser, maximize it, make sure account’s on English Language and then do the sync operation. I am currently running many Linkedin accounts and it’s syncing groups without problems.