LinkedIn Growth for Companies

I’m super interest in growing (real) followers on my companies LinkedIn page.

I’m curious, how would you go about doing this?

Is there some sort of service that people offer?

The only things I can think of;

Making good content and sharing that with a lot of (fake) accounts.Although the result can be that people start to connect with the fake accounts instead of following the page.

Inviting people to follow the page (but this has limits)

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When you’re inviting people to follow the company does it appear as the company inviting you or the person managing the company inviting you?


This guy will help you out :slight_smile:

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It looks like this, in the list of connection requests from personal accounts:

Translated: NAME invited you to follow the companypage NAME.

But there is a limit of about 100 a month. With some ways around this. But the method is still limited.


Have you checked out a tool called LinkedIn Helper? I would advise running this from the desktop.

Enables you to build searches, auto connections, auto views, customised messages. Had some great success building my network and also generating leads.

The idea is to build the network, find people in the area that you want to connect to, connect with them, once connected you can invite them to your company page and thus grow both networks.

It takes time but once you have the pipeline building 24 the followers will soon start coming in. Feel free to drop me a message on it.