LinkedIn Jarvee Question: Send messages automatically to new connections via the Contact Tab


How can I send via the Contact Tab in Jarvee automatically messages to new connections?
I don´t want to send all of my current contacts a message.( Is there also a whitelist option?) However I want to send it to new connections, and that automatically.

Any help would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:


The functionality is there but it doesn’t work correctly because your contacts don’t sync correctly in JV


So what does that mean? It doesn’t work
or it works delayed?
And what is the option called?

Thank you!


It is extremely delayed… Look under the Contact tab… I’m over 1000 connections short…


Ow I see…
is there a time pattern when it syncs? Like once a week? Or is that randomly?


I’ve had it sync every 4 hours and it didn’t help…


update from JV!
They will add the issue!

Looking so forward to it!


and it will be released in 1-2 weeks.
In the next 2 updates from now on.


Nice… That will simply things greatly!