LinkedIn "Job Anniversary", "New Job" & "Happy Birthday" Notifications Changes

I know some people HATE the LinkedIn “Job Anniversary”, “New Job” & “Happy Birthday” Notifications.

For myself, I found it a perfect opportunity to reach out and develop rapport with new and old “Level 1” contacts and genteelly plug or spam my services.

The good news is that this technique though tedious yielded excellent results.

Over the years I have alternated back and forth between paid “Premium” LinkedIn and “Free” unpaid LinkedIn and it didn’t seem to matter, the notifications seemed to come all the same and frankly I saw no real benefit to using the advanced search features anyway, so why pay for something I didn’t use anywaY?

Recently, I noticed that the “Job Anniversary” and the “Happy Birthday” notificationS have disappeared leaving only the “New Job” notifications.

I have two questions for any of you LinkedIn experts out there:

1.) Have the “Happy Birthday” and “Job Anniversary” notifications been entirely removed from LinkedIn, or is this some ploy to get me to start paying for my LinkedIn?

2.) If this is some kind of FINANCIAL “arm twisting” on the part of LinkedIn, does anyone know what Level of LinkedIn do I have to subscribe to for the “Job Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday” notifications to reappear?


I think they are removed, I didn’t see bday notifs lately. Anyone else?

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Curious what types of spintext you’ve found to be successful?

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Unfortunately “Job Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday” have been removed… So there’s not much left to say about anything… There is still “congratulations on your New Job”…

I’m confused… why keep the features in the software?


It’s such a perfect feature for networking. Why get rid of it?


Probably nobody was using it. Most people on LinkedIn are one-way “Used Car Salesman” type hard sell SPAMSTERS & SALESTERS and don’t understand that reciprocal small-talk, interacting, and engagement like “Happy Birthday”, or “Congratulations”, actually builds rapport and trust, which naturally leads to the selling opportunity. They simply don’t get it. what can I say. I get blasted everyday by 100s of LI SALESTERS & SPAMSTERS reeking of BAD “SPAM Breath”, and BAD “Commission Breath” under the delusion that I will do business with someone I don’t know, have no rapport, no engagement, and I’ve never met or talked to before… Yeah right! LOL. Go figure.

Hey @bwbalazs and @cheeky_monkey and other LinkedIn users there may be some good news! Have any of you noticed that the “Happy Birthday” notices have been turned back on in LinkedIn?

I dont think its working. When I click on UPDATE FRIENDS… nothing happens:

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Hmmm. @cheeky_monkey here’s what my LinkedIn desktop looks like and there is the notification “Wish Anabella Petrescu and 15 others happy birthday - See who’s celebrating”
I’ve tried to upload the screenshot and I hope you can see it.

@cheeky_monkey Here’s amother screen shot of my LinkedIn desktop with “Congratulate Debbie Costa and 39 others for work anniversaries - See who’s celebrating”
Go figure…

@cheeky_monkey BTW on my LinkedIn desktop I click on “Notifications” the little bell icon on the upper right side of my LinkedIn desktop.that is often highlighted in red when there are active notifications. This the view from my PC based LinkedIn desktop. I’ve never looked at LinkedIn from a Mobile App desktop. Maybe I should check it out and see the if there is a difference.

I do see the screenshot… thank you @tgparker2010. I get those as well…

I’m sure it will be updated at somepoint! Don’t forget it’s mainly for instagram keeping up with their updates is hard enoough : :stuck_out_tongue: