LinkedIn Leads in a CRM

How can I integrate new connection requests that I have sent and the once they got accepted on LinkedIn in a CRM?

I really like Pipedriver. However I cannot get it to work with linked in.

Ideally Process:

  1. One column or folder with all my leads. (users I sent a connection request)
  2. When the user accepts my linkedin connection request they should get into another column or folder
  3. A third column or folder where the user gets filtered if they reply to a message from me

This would really help me to manage my leads a lot!

Anyone has an Idea how to do that? Or other solutions?


I use a custom automation for this… Gets my new connections every day and inputs them into my CRM

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Would you be so kind and share it with me?
This sounds amazing!!!

Would really take my workflow to the next level!

Sorry, I can’t share it…do what I did and look for browser automation software and make your own…