Linkedin marketing

Ok so as a brand owner i would like to get brand exposure on linkedin to beauty buyers.

Is that possible? Anyone used or know how to market on linkedin?

Unlike direct sales its hard to track… So maybe we can considera little feel instead

One decent method is to join some groups on linkedin that are about beauty and share updates from your brand with them Unfortunately linkedin has a 50 group limit, you can’t join more, so you will have to hand pick all the groups to make sure you’re not wasting space for nothing. Also, you won’t be able to join all 50 at once, you need to take it easy 5-10 at a time, wait for them to accept you then go for more.

Another method is to view people’s profiles, some will check you back and if they like the profile will try to connect

As for connecting, when you connect to someone you need to know their email address. Some people add their email in their account’s description with something like " Eager to meet new people if you want to connect add me, email_address" you might want to do that as well.