LinkedIn Need to pay for premium :(


Anyone noticed that LinkedIn restricts searches now if you are not a premium member? Is anyone paying to be a premium member to conduct more searches and send more PMs? If so once you are a premium member how many PM’s can you get away with sending a day? Is it more because you’ve paid for LinkedIn?

Any help would be appreciated!


You can get 2 months of premium for free.
Just add a VCC, and when they will try to charge you after 30 days, you will not have any money. So they will try again next month, and if you don’t have any money again, they will delete the status of premium.
Well, just make a lot of connections and you will be able to send as many PMs to them as you want :slight_smile:


I’m actually currently on the
’Premium Career’ one as im doing the free trial but its asking me to move to Premium Business which is £50 a month. Which Premium are you referring to?


Here is the screenshot. I am currently just trying to make connections through a personalised note but now i’ve been stopped in my tracks…


Anyone else on this?


There’s another thread that was discussing this as well. Apparently LinkedIn is now acting like Instagram with easy suspensions and bans on even modest settings. My assumption is they are starting to crack down on bot activity.

Just my two cents.



I stick to these limits on the browser plugin I use & I have never had a problem…


What is a VCC? :sweat_smile:


For now :wink: I’m using MP to send even 10 connection requests per day and they are stopping the tool from executing.


Not sure if I’m breaking rules (admin, remove if I am) but I use duxsoup for linkedin with sales navigator. I recommend it if connects is the goal


Do IP’s have any influence ? Home ? Datacentre ? Mobile ?


here i suggest mobile proxy