LinkedIn profile viewer, helping or hurting for Captcha & Logouts?

I currently have Premium Business, downgraded from Navigator ( I didn’t see the need with JARVEE).

I am strictly using JARVEE to build my personal LinkedIn account.

I am only liking 4-9 posts per day and endorsing 3-6 per day. I have the Contact setting on to welcome a new connection.

I had to profile viewer to 70-90 profiles per day and the connector at 50-75 per day. I put that profile viewer higher than the connector since I have it viewing profiles twice and the connector tab had nothing on some days.

I recently lowered that to 50-75.

Over the last few days, I have been getting logged out and verifying that I am human. When I live chat LinkedIn they said they noticed automation. I don’t know if they are just saying that and it is more due to my pace.

I thought the profile viewer without connecting might look more human. I don’t think it helps with getting more connections. Do you think removing the profile viewer and just connecting would help?

I am also not using Spintax but I am emailing legitimate prospects and keeping things brief. Not sure if that could affect anything?

P.S. I am also using email scrapers which could be adding too. I thought premium would give me more leeway. Could that be the problem? I noticed those scrapers view the accounts super fast. I only scrape about 700 per week. Could this be more of the issue?

I want to build my LinkedIn but don’t want to get banned. Any advice.

Search and connect… Don’t view profiles… Also, I send my connections in a two hour span once a day then send messages…

@intdirjp Are you expert to Linkedin Automation ?

Yes, it’s a large part of my business

OK, I am going to change that out. I thought Profile Viewer to Connector would make me look human (not connecting to everyone I view right away) but that is when I started having problems.

I don’t really do spans since I give my account a long time to cool off. I only have JARVEE on during my work hours.

Do you think Spintax would help? I don’t see the need unless that helps with LinkedIn not thinking I am a robot.

I know LinkedIn has also changed a lot. Does having Premium help or will my searched and limits be even further less if I stop paying for it?

Thought there would be more leniency

I usually spin mine but don’t always send messages for connection requests… It depends on the audience…

Thanks. Do you have premium on your accounts? I am wondering if this is even necessary.

I tried using a friends account with no connections to try and help but apparently to search, they must be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd or you get limited info.

Increase both of them to look more human, otherwise it looks like your account is only interested in adding people and messaging them…

Also post once a day, and use the jarvee like exchange to receive likes on your post

@benny I only have one account =). Is there a forum that still does like exchanges?

@intdirjp Do you think I can increase actions after disabling Profile Viewer.

Ironically Dux-Soup recommends Profile Viewer since just connecting with people can see been as Spam.

Should I also take Benny’s advice and raise endorsing and liking? I lowered things after being warned.

1 account is enough for the Jarvee linkedin like exchange.

Let’s say that your 1 account will give out 100 likes per day, and in return your daily post will receive 100 likes.

Works like magic!

@benny Where are these like exchange groups? I tried looking on LinkedIn and couldn’t find any.

I used to do them with Facebook but a lot seemed to dry up.

It’s not on linkedin, it’s on Jarvee (“linkedin social exchange beta”). Do you use Jarvee?

@benny OH CRAP. I thought for the Like Exchange, I needed to provide real users to like me. That was the manual process I did way back when.

I didn’t know this was included nor was possible. So other JARVEE members will be liking my posts.


@benny I did not think it was possible to like a post to a non connection?

If I use Like Exchange, should I disable the like tool? I have it Liking recent posts of connections. I don’t want to be too busy.

Is it wise to use the Like Exchange on a personal account? I only use JARVEE for sales prospecting and on 1 account. I don’t want to be Liking shady or unethical posts.