Linkedin Sales Navigator + Jarvee

Hey guys, was wondering if anyone knows how to combine sales navigator’s search filtering with Jarvee for maximum effect.

I want to use the search filters to get the best prospects, and then use Jarvee to connect with them automatically. Does anyone know how to do that? How can I add the scraped list as a source inside Jarvee?

if you set all filters on LI and copy the URL to Jarvee u can connect them easily. Does this answer your question. Or would you like to create a Lead list in Sales Navigator manually and use this list to connect? This is not possible. Asked for this many times already.

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Visit the search page and apply the filters you want, then add the sales navigator search url in the Sources tab of your Connector tool.


Thank you so so much, this answered all my questions!

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I solved it, thank you so much!

Quick question, do you guys know what the limits are for connections/day for a regular account? What about for an account using sales navigator? I am talking about a page that’s fairly old and active.

80 a day max.

This is quite a good number of potential connections per day. Did you get this number based on multiple accounts or you have one main that you use? Thanks

This actions are based on my account. I sell the service for some customers. Never had problems.

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Are you using the sales navigator?

I don’t think you need Sales Navigator. I just sign up with a free trial Premium account and cancel on the last day every month before they charge me. Free unlimited scraping :sweat_smile:

With this method, however, I use Phantom Buster rather than scraping directly on Jarvee.

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You can get a free trial from the same account over and over? That’s strange :smiley: Or you do this from different accounts?

No, different accounts. I use LinkedIn Mother/Child system to get emails from many different LinkedIn accounts, and then book them for a call over email