LinkedIn Settings - CAPTCHA

Hey all, Lately I got a lot of CAPTCHA in my LinkedIn accounts (all the accounts belong to clients ~ real accounts)
I use only “search and connect” and “search and contact”
I’d love you to hear your opinion about it, do you know how I can avoid all these captchas?

These are the settings:
Search and connect:

Search and contact


Are those clients logging to their accounts on their side?

Are you using a proxy? Or are you rotating proxies?

We rarely see CAPTCHAs on 150+ client accounts, and we login with the same IP address every single time.

No this is an avatar that I created, they working on 4g proxy

Yes 4g proxy, it’s working better for you working from the same IP address?

It’s recommended for accounts to use the IP/proxy where they were originally created from. As for the Search and Contact tool, are you sending the same messages over and over again, OR are you incorporating spin syntax in your messages?

I using Spin text, and thank you very much for the tips.

I make sure to create the accounts on jarvee himself.