LinkedIn Story, have you tried it?

Probably LinkedIn would be last social network where I would expect this functionality :shushing_face: If you have tried it, share your experience, would love to know what more experienced folks have to say about it :slight_smile:

Is it only available on Linkedin mobile app? I haven’t used the app since I started automating my Linkedin account in Jarvee. I found that using the app and JV at the same time could cause my account to get suspended.

I’m not sure, since I’m not able to see any story within my connections :smiley: but I suppose should be available on desktop as well. Maybe others will have more info :slight_smile:

It seems the Stories feature is only available on mobile app.
I would like to test it using a new account, but I can’t test it yet since my country isn’t in the list :sweat_smile:

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